Monday OT – Peanuts Gang Sing ZZ Top: ‘La Grange’ (9/17/2018)

‘Good Morning’ fellow rockers and lovers of the magic coffee bean.

Pour yourselves a fresh cup and of course, ‘CRANK IT UP!’

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You Libtards Still Here?

Still Complaining About Trump?

Laaand Hooo!

Hurrican Florence makes landfall loop

If there is an upside it would be that hurricane Florence was downgraded to a category 1 before making landfall this early morning. That’s not to say the potential for extreme danger and destruction has been minimized by any means.

My Army Son, his beautiful bride and mother of my three Grand babies are stationed at Fort Bragg roughly a hundred miles up the street from the coast. Checking in with him this morning they are experiencing a little wind and cloudy sky’s for the moment.

Head the warnings all and stay safe!

Moses Of The Weather Channel

Almost like parting the Red Sea but without the beard, flowing robes, staff and a bunch of pissed off Jews…

Time For A Few Veterans To Provide This M’fer A Little Wall-To-Wall Counseling!

Unidentified Somerville, Mass. man

Another example of how the Libtards have gotten their AMERICA hating base all fired up and acting well beyond any resemblance of a rational thought process.

Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery is the final resting place for many who served our country. George Gatteny says the usual calm and tranquility was disrupted by the sights and sounds of disrespect.

Monday afternoon, Gatteny says he was sitting in traffic on Broadway in Somerville, Massachusetts, when he saw a man pull out four miniature American flags from the ground with a woman acting as a look out.

“Never imagined what I was about to see,” said Gatteny

Gatteny says the man then threw the flags behind a statue and urinated on them.

When he got out of his car and confronted the pair, Gatteny says they quickly took off.

“They were walking, talking, as if nothing happened,” said Gatteny.

Unidentified Somerville, Mass. man2

Unidentified Somerville, Mass. man3

Unidentified Somerville, Mass. man4

Full Story Here

Never Mock A Tantrum Throwing Black Woman!

Cartoonist Mark Knight Serena Williams Tantrum

What should have been 20-year-old Naomi Osaka’s, the first Japanese to ever win a singles Grand Slam title finest hour was overshadowed by the extremely ugly tantrum thrown by Serena Williams. Australian editorial cartoonist Mark Knight chose to accurately mock tennis pro Serena Williams and as you might have guessed pissed off the SJW’s all now accusing him of being a racist.

Imagine achieving something incredibly special on the biggest stage of your respective field and ultimately getting overshadowed by an unnecessary incident. That’ll put you in Naomi Osaka’ shoes. The 20-year-old Japanese became the first from her country, male or female, to win a singles Grand Slam title. She should’ve been the darling of the tennis world after her historic win. Instead, all the discussions and threads are filled with Serena Williams’ spat with chair umpire Carlos Ramos.

(SNIP) …

Serena’s outburst isn’t acceptable, for sure. But, what’s worse was what followed. Her outburst garnered severe attention from an entirely pro-Serena crowd. The booing started at 6-2 4-3 in the second set. It continued until the end of the match and carried on to the presentation ceremony. The crowd kept booing when the Naomi Osaka’s name was called as the 2018 US Open Women’s Singles champion.

It was an absolute mockery of the attitude that should be shown towards a champion. The crowd didn’t accept the decisions involving Serena, and Osaka had to see her precious moment get ruined.

Full Story Here

She Could Go “ALL… THE… WAY!”

Took some time away to try and get a few things accomplished around the BPU compound.

My tool box is still sitting unopened right where I left it now next to a plastic container full of empty Beer cans to be returned.

It’s another GREAT day all. The woman, ‘Hillary Rotten Clinton’ who thought reaching the end zone was a Fait Accompli is still not our President!

The funny happens at the end so stick with it…

Proven Science

Dog with two assholes

AC/DC – Hard As A Rock, ‘Crank It Up!’

From their 1995 album, ‘Ballbreaker’, Hard As A Rock…

AC/DC - Hard As A Rock(1995)

Donald Trump Tweets Epic Response To The McCain/Franklin Anti-Trump Pep Rallies…

Just when viewers across the nation thought they were tuning into a non-political celebration of life for the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and 35 year finally term limited career politician John McCain,

a damn ANTI-TRUMP pep rally broke out!

President Donald Trump had the perfect response to both…

Trumps response to the McCain, Franklin political rallies

I don't want Trump at my funeral -

Make America Great Again
Extremely Pissed Off Right Wingers - Peace Through Superior Firepower
Ronaldus-Maximus - 'Fuck-You'
Don't Tread On Me
 RandallsBPU Rule5 - The Stars and Stripes sure are a pretty sight
Stop Illegal Immigration
President Donald Trump - BUILD THE WALL
In Memory Of Kate Steinle - Build The Wall
In Memory Of Mollie Tibbetts - Build The Wall
In Memory Of (Your Childs Name Here) - Build The Wall
Liberty or Tyranny
RandallsBPU Stands With Israel
Randalls Rule5 - Detroit Tigers Babe