As Normal As I'll Ever Be ...

Randalls BPU Man Cave

Top of the morning ... Coffee mug held high I salute you and wish Ya-all a Happy Monday.

After a month of having a house full of kids and Grand kids they are all finally in their new homes and I have mine back. As uncomfortable as it was at times we made the best of it and all lived to pass our stories and lessons learned down to future generations.

In all honesty, I am glad I have the relationship with my adult children I do. At their age still coming to Dad to help out when in a bind means a lot to me. Not that I did much mind you but provide a roof over their heads and once again remind them who the Grill Master really is.

Spending much needed time with the Grand Chillen's instead of posting regularly was a worthwhile trade off.

With The Right Music

When I was 13/14 years old Santa brought me my first stereo system. I think it was a Zenith All-In-One with a radio, turn table and an 8-Track player.

The first album I purchased on 8-track of course was Boston – BOSTON.

I played that until I wore it out. Or, maybe my Mother couldn’t take it any longer and sabotaged the 8-track tape? Either way, now at 80 years old she has yet to confess.

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Living Large and Re-Charged ...

Last night was my one night a week where I actually got some good sleep.

I have no issues at all getting to sleep but after about two hours the fun begins. Sleep then comes in increments until I finally give up and get up.

Places to go and people to agitate this morning. Be Back Later.

Joe (Pedo Peter) Bidens entire administration in just one image...

Joe Biden administration in one image

How about all the NutLess RINO Republicrat Governors across OUR country take a lesson here!!!

Democrats finally fall in love with the AR-15

Democrats suddenly love the AR-15
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Red Wave 2022 ...

The cheating Left-Tard's in Arizona and Michigan definitely under estimated the Big Red MAGA Wave coming.

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Exit Stage Left ...

Reuters Fact Check: A video of U.S. President Joe Biden walking away momentarily during a speech given by U.S. First Lady Jill Biden has been digitally edited to include music played by an ice cream truck.

I am guessing the brain dead Illegidiot Pedo-Peter spotted a young child just off stage that needed some serious sniffing?

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Pedo Peter ...

Joe Biden (Pedo Peter) the Pedophile The Babylon Bee Mockes the Pedophile Joe Biden RONA Joe Biden (Pedo Peter) the Pedophile

How much longer are the Left-Tards going to pretend this is normal behavior?

Joe Biden affectionately known as Pedo Peter Joe Biden (Pedo Peter)has been a Pedophile for over 40 years...
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Change Of Batter ...

So, the slurring, stuttering twice vaccinated brain dead Illegidiot now has COVID?

'Riiight' ...

If Fan Duel were taking bets I would put my money on a convenient excuse for the actual powers that be to hide the mindless gaffe-tastic moron away from the general public.

Or, is there a 'Change of Batter' on the way?

Kamala Harris Is a Dumb Cunt

"You're Not Going To Get COVID If You Get These Vaccinations!"

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Pedo Peter Has Just One Single Word For Us ...

Randalls Barley Pop University
U.S. Air Force Desert Storm Veteran
Randalls Barley Pop University Rule5



Randalls Barley Pop University Rule5
Blue Lives Matter
Randalls Barley Pop University Rule5
Fuck Joe Biden
Randalls Barley Pop University Rule5