Home Sweet Home – RandallsBPU 7/8/2020

When you’re safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure you wish you were safe at home.
— Thorton Wilder

Home Sweet Home

Left Fayetteville, NC at 9AM last Sunday morning and pulled into the Home Sweet Home driveway at 10PM Sunday night.

I thanked my girl (BPU Family Truckster) with a loving pat on the dash, cracked a cold Beer and unloaded the essentials while winding down from the long road trip.

A couple days to get things put away and accomplished a few things around the house and here I am.


MLB 2020 Opening Day

I will not be holding my breath.


I hope everyone had a Fantastic and Meaningful 4th of July.

My Son and I drove down to South Carolina and bought us a bunch of not so legal in North Carolina fireworks and blew the shit out of his neighborhood for two consecutive nights.

The night of the 4th along with everyone else of mixed races, colors and creed who purchased said fireworks the community pyrotechnics display was a site to see.

And, nobody gave a F**K what the AssHat Colin Kaepernick had to say about it!!!

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Colin Kaepernick Asshat


While we are on the subject of F**Kn’ Anti-American AssHats,

and this Towel Head is a damn sitting Congress Mooslum!!!

9-Ilhan Omar Calls For
American Economy And Political System

Full Story HERE…


With that I think I will let my new Girlfriend here close this post up.

“She’s a Peach!”



Blue Lives Matter