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December 9th, 2016

Fake News and the Irony of HilLIARy Clinton

Just when you think you have finally gotten rid of a bad case of the Hillary Clinton, like a re-occurring case of the Jock Itch she keeps coming back!

This time though, with a request for congress:

Clinton Blasts ‘Epidemic’ Of Fake News…

Hillary Clinton on Thursday decried the spread of fake news online, calling it an “epidemic” that Congress should take action against.

“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year – it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” Clinton said during a speech on Capitol Hill.

Some Democrats have argued the spread of anti-Clinton fake news online contributed to her electoral loss to Donald Trump.

You have got to be kidding me? We are talking about the same Fake News spreading Hillary Clinton here who claimed…

* – The Benghazi attacks were caused by an anti-Moozlim filmmaker and not Moozlim terrorist’s?
* – She had to land corkscrew style in Bosnia to avoid sniper fire?
* – She and Slick Billy C. came out of the White House after the Clinton presidency dead broke?
* – Even though she did finally admit that using a private server was a mistake Hillary Clinton remained firm in her Fake News claim that she never sent or received emailed CLASSIFIED information.
* – During an interview, Hillary Clinton declared that the Veterans Affairs scandals are not “as widespread as it’s been made out to be”.

True to the very core of her progressive liberal black heart Hillary Clinton thinks that Congress should do something about this made up Fake News issue. If so, how about they start by putting this crooked Fake News spreading Bi-otch in prison!!!

Crash Helmet Hillary Clinton

December 8th, 2016

Thursday Morning OT

Open Thread: ‘Lets Crank It UP!’

If Wednesday is by all scientific study’s considered to be the, ‘Most Productive’ day of the week, then I figure Thursday, scientifically speaking of course, must be the first step down the productivity ladder to ‘Fuck Off Friday’, (FOF)?

If that be true, I think today I might as well just lie around in my under-drawers with my favorite flavored 12 pack of Barley Pop’s and work on getting those creative juices going for next Wednesday!

Have a GREAT Thursday Ya-All …

“Lets Crank It UP!”

December 7th, 2016

75 Years Ago Today

In a surprise, early-morning attack, 360 Japanese warplanes bombed the US Pacific naval fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in a two-hour assault that killed about 2,400 Americans.

Almost half the casualties were sailors aboard the battleship USS Arizona.

The following day the United States would enter WWII declaring war on the Empire of Japan.

December 6th, 2016

The Adverse Effects of Blogging While Drinking

A few weeks back, the 15th of November to be exact the fees to keep my website active with a very popular domain registrar and web hosting provider were due. Being somewhat frugal in my older days I made a snap decision to move RandallsBPU to anther server freeing up some extra dollars to be invested in keeping the BPU garage refrigerator stocked with many assorted cold and frosty barley pops.

Having limited experience in such matters I called the one person I know who also thoroughly enjoys a fine Pilsner, Lager or Ale, is a techie and master web designer and, also happens to be my Brother.

After a few shits and giggles and sharing a few beer stories over the phone we got down to business and proceeded to get RandallsBPU moved over to his server side with absolutely no issues what-so-ever. Not so much as even a hiccup.

That was until yesterday.

It seems that in my LOL, (Laugh Out Loud) suds induced euphoria I had backed everything up needed to make the server switch until I was reminded yesterday with a big ole white page on RandallsBPU reminding me that I forgot about the damn DATABASE!

‘Lesson Learned’ and we move on.

Thank you for visiting and please bare with me while I rebuild and re-invent the Barley Pop University