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November 18th, 2017

One Of Those, ‘It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time’ Moments

Well Played Navy! Your Move Air Force…

Navy F-18 pilots draw a big penis in the sky

The Navy apologized on Friday and said it has grounded an aircrew from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington, after its pilots drew a giant penis in the sky with jet exhaust on Thursday.

“The actions of this aircrew were wholly unacceptable and antithetical to Navy core values,” the Navy said in a statement. “We have grounded the aircrew and are conducting a thorough investigation—and we will hold those responsible accountable for their actions. The Navy apologizes for this irresponsible and immature act.”

“The Navy apologizes to anyone who was offended by this unacceptable action,” it added. “An investigation into this flight will be conducted and if appropriate, the aviator(s) responsible will be held accountable.”


November 16th, 2017

A Beautiful Show Of Force

Or, what I like to think the Fat F**ker of North Korea Kim Jong-un sees when looking out his Pyongyang palace back door.

USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Nimitz and their strike groups

Three F/A-18E Super Hornets, assigned to the Eagles of Strike Fighter Attack Squadron 115, fly in formation over the aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Nimitz and their strike groups along with ships from the South Korean Navy as they transit the Western Pacific, Nov. 12, 2017. The strike groups are underway and conducting operations in international waters as part of a three-carrier strike force exercise.
Navy photo by Lt. Aaron B. Hicks

November 15th, 2017

Wednesday Midweek Metal 11.15.2017 – NAZARETH

Maybe not quite the 80’s METAL you were thinking but, Scottlands own vocalist Dan McCafferty and bassist Pete Agnew (NAZARETH) were definitely the precursor ‘Pre-Metal’ movement of the 70’s.

A Three-fer of my not so well known favorites.


November 15th, 2017

No Really, This Time Climate Scientist’s Are Clearly Almost Certain The Earth Is Doomed…

Unlike the dire warning of a doomed planet in twenty five years issued by the Climate Clowns twenty five years ago, this time they are without a doubt, absolutely, positively clearly almost certain that the earth will cease to exist in the next twenty five years. That is if we humans remain on the same course we have been on for the last twenty five years prompting the climate warning of doom they issued twenty five years ago predicting total Armageddon in the next twenty five years,.. “HUH?”

This week, thousands of scientists issued a bleak and terrifying “second notice” to mankind about how we will destroy the planet unless we take “urgent” action. If this warning is as reliable as the first notice these scientists issued in 1992, we have nothing to worry about.

In an article published in the journal Bioscience, 15,364 scientists warned that we are “jeopardizing our future” and that “immediate action” is needed to “safeguard our imperiled biosphere.”

“Soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out,” the scientists say.

The article is meant to be an update on a 1992 notice — ominously titled “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” and signed by 1,700 leading scientists — that predicted environmental catastrophes to come if humans remained on the current course.

But the 1992 statement was wildly off the mark in its dire predictions…

–•– Investors Business Daily

November 15th, 2017

GQ Loves Them Some Colon Krapernick

The Metro-Sexuals and Gays over at GQ Magazine have selected their, “Citizen Of The Year!”

“Is anybody really surprised?”

“A simple act—kneeling during the national anthem—changed everything,” GQ wrote. “It cost him his job. It also transformed Colin Kaepernick into a lightning rod and a powerful symbol of activism and resistance.”

GQ Magazine Citizen Of The Year - Colin Kaepernick

November 11th, 2017

To Those Most Honorable Warriors, ‘Thank You’

Veterans Day 11.11.2017, Ronald Reagan quote

It is truly an honor to have served with so many past and present who made such a difference. ‘Happy Veterans Day’ and to all my Brothers and Sisters, ‘Thank You!’