Mike Lindell - Absolute Proof

February 5, 2021 | Post003

ScrewTube and social media alike are scrubbing Mike Lindell's 'ABSOLUTE PROOF' faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend when the car pulls up in the driveway. I was lucky enough to rip a copy off ScrewTube before it was disappeared for-ever....

Right click on video, save video as and pass it along.

*** Mike Lindell to Bannon War Room: “Absolute Truth” Film Was Seen by Over 10 Million People After Friday Release – Five Million Completed the Film ***

Shall We Play A Game?

January 20, 2021 | Post002
Trump Punisher

The Trump card has yet to be played...

Our Darkest Days Are Ahead Of Us

January 2, 2021 | Post001
Our Darkest Days Are Ahead Of Us

A very Happy 2021 my friends and fellow Deplorable’s. From M*A*S*H, Col. Sherman Potter’s New Years Toast is most appropriate now more than ever,

“Here’s To The New Year, May She Be A Damn Site Better Than The Old One!”

And, just like the baby New Year who symbolizes a new beginning, renewed hope and the excitement of the New Year ahead of us we here at the BPU Compound were blessed with our own New Year baby. Born at 9:43 the evening of the 29th Grandma and I welcomed our fourth Grandchild to our brood.

Lil’ Kenny weighed in at an impressive eight pounds and looks almost as pretty as his Grandpa. “Alright, maybe a tad better looking, I’ll give the little Fart that!”

Mom and Baby are doing absolutely wonderful but Dad looks like he could use a drink or few.

I am not worth a shit with predictions and I haven’t seen my Magic 8-Ball in some 40 plus years so no 2021 predictions from me. I am more the, ‘Learn from Your Past’ and do not repeat the mistakes made kinda guy.

Having bounced around social media the past couple days the common theme seems to be just how awful 2020 was with hope and anticipation that 2021 is a damn site better than this year past.

‘Good Luck with that!’

The elitist’s in the ruling class are already enjoying the bounty reaped from the seeds sown at the beginning of their plan-demic.

Lock downs will stop the spread, ‘Nope!’

Masks will stop the spread, ‘Nope!’

Lock downs and Masks will stop the spread, ‘Nope and Nope!’

And the newest, once you have had your COVID-19 Kung Flu vaccination you must continue to wear a mask.(What's the point of being vaccinated???)

Oh, and how about you stand in line over there and wait to have a COVID vaccination identification number tattooed on your forearm so we know you are safe for travel and the ability to track where?

While we are at it why not require everyone not vaccinated to wear a nifty little yellow C-19 pin on their apparel so we know which ones to lock in a conformity camp until they get their mind right?

Hell, the Door-Knob occupying the made up ‘Office of President Elect’ and his happy band of election thieves are promising that ‘Our darkest days are ahead of us … not behind us!’ And if this past year has taught us anything it’s that these tyrannical Son’s-a-Bitches will work their asses off to make certain that DOOM, GLOOM and DARKNESS is exactly what happens.

Why, because fear is the best weapon used against the most gullible. It can move people to do anything, no matter how idiotic it is. 2020 in a nutshell my friends.

We are no longer a representative republic. Every damn Democrat elected and unfortunately many Republicans have ceased any resemblance of representation instead dictating law they themselves refuse to adhere. Our republic is slowly being replaced by a monarchy ruled by the likes of diabolical despots who demand you follow their edicts or face their enforcement, regulatory and social media firing squads.

Seriously, I am not trying to be your New Year ‘Debbie Downer’.

Most of the past 18 years of my life has been lived under storm clouds. Yet, every morning I wake I run to the window looking for that ray of sunshine.

I never give up and am always hopeful that today, this day will be our best.

Seeing so many who silently sat back and allowed their freedom to be stripped away now piss and moan about how terrible last year was and expect the same people who took that freedom away to give it back in this new year makes absolutely no damn sense to me?

And tomorrow when I wake looking for that ray of sunshine I hope it is bright enough that all can see it is time on this day 2021 to take back what is our GOD given right,

Liberty, Freedom and the Continued Pursuit of Happiness.

God Bless and 'CHEERS!'

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Randalls Barley Pop University

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Randalls Barley Pop University

Randalls Barley Pop University Rule5