What The Monkey F**k?

Where Has Monkeypox Been Detected

Belgium being one of 14 countries with confirmed cases of Monkeypox is the first to order a 21 day compulsory quarantine for anyone testing positive.

Numb-Nutz occupying the White House in response to a question concerning the outbreak that has seen a small numbers of cases told reporters that Monkeypox is “something everybody should be concerned about”.

Listen, these Klaus Schwab ass kissing ‘Great Reset’ or ‘New World Order’ clowns are all addicted to power and the one thing that the Chinese bio-engineered COVID Kung-Flu taught them was just how easy it was to exercise that power against a predominantly clueless society to achieve their desired outcome.

The question now is, have WE THE PEOPLE learned just how fast these power hungry Son’s-a-Bitches will steal our GOD given rights under the guise of a plandemic or are we going to let them now use Monkeypox to finish the job?

Randalls Randomness 5-21-2022

* How I feel every time I pull up alongside some Idiot with a Biden/Harris bumper sticker on their car or, the dead giveaway – sitting alone, windows up and wearing a fucking mask...

** I am normally busy as hell and do not post on Sunday but feeling a little under the shitty weather here at the BPU Compound today.

Nothing to awful concerning, just tired out and unenthused.

Planned on yard work and maybe getting out fishing but as I mention, the weather here wasn’t conducive to those plans.

I do hope everyone had a GREAT weekend though.

*** Why I have been sleeping so much better at night.

HilLIARy Rotten Clinton, ‘Not So Much’.

John Durham

**** Probably not the place you would want to bend over and pick up your dropped wallet?

John Durham

***** Have a great night, 'Cheers'

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Saturday Sound Check

Nazareth (Live)

Nazareth ~ Live from Classic Stage (2005 Full Concert)

Randalls Randomness 5-21-2022

* I am sure any day now our TAX PAYER funded most distinguished and non-prejudicial FBI will be arresting the Supreme Court ROE v. WADE draft leaker???

Banana Republic azquotes

** Conservative and Libertarian voters, No matter how good you feel about the upcoming MidTerm elections just remember, Democrat’s are going to cheat their ass’s off!!!

Randall Working Out

*** If you are going to PRAISE a WOMAN for aborting her baby because she did what was best for her then, I would hope you PRAISE the MEN who abandoned their children for doing what was best for them.

Torpedo Titties Disinformation Governance Board

**** "It's better to be hated for who you are, than be loved for who you're not" - Van Zant ~ Help Somebody

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