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March 22nd, 2017

Straight from the, ‘You Can’t Make This Sh!t Up’ Files Comes … Rockville, MD

Consider Rockville, Maryland Your Sanctuary City

First and foremost, my heart and my prayers are with the young girl and her parents who were so terribly brutalized by the two illegal Bastard thugs living in Rockville, Maryland.

Personally, I think the two Sons-a-bitches should be perp walked through the town square and then hung from their testicles as an example to every other illegal alien rapist who was led to believe that all of us here in the United States are such a loving, compassionate people when it comes to law breaking ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS living on our dime running UNCHECKED amongst us.
Rockville City Concilwoman Julie Palakovich Carr
Then there are those who willingly allow and support pricks like Henry Sanchez-Milian and his accomplice Jose Montano. Not only to fully condone being here in the country illegally but, to allow psychopaths like these two monsters to attend the same public schools with our daughters!

And, after all the pain and suffering of a 14 year old innocent young girl and her family caused by two ‘Sub-Human’ individuals who by law should have never been in Rockville to begin with, a pinheaded Rockville City Councilwoman and obviously completely the fuck out of touch with common sense and reality, JULIE PALAKOVICH CARR has introduced an ordinance to make Rockville, Maryland an official sanctuary city?
18 year old illegal alien and high school freshman Henry Sanchez
Two Illegal Immigrants Brutally Rape 14-Year-Old Girl In Rockville High School BathroomBLM

Obama Legacy In Action: 14-Year-Old Girl Raped By Illegal “Child” Immigrants In Sanctuary CityRS

Rockville, Md. May Declare Itself a Sanctuary City Amid Immigrant Rape Scandal LH

“Sanctuary City” Policy To Get a City of Rockville Public HearingRKV

Emotions Run High After Reported Rape at Rockville High SchoolBM

If you really believe that Libtards the likes of Rockville CouncilPinhead Julie Palakovich Carr are seriously concerned with the safety and well being of WE, the AMERICAN PEOPLE,

I am sure I will feel just as bad for you after, well… ‘Lets Hope Not’

March 22nd, 2017

“Woe To You, Oh Earth And Sea”…

‘UNBELIEVABLE’, it has been thirty five years now since the release of the third Iron Maiden studio album, the first to feature Bruce Dickenson on lead vocals and last with drummer Clive Burr,

‘The Number Of The Beast’

Iron Maiden was the first band to lead me down the high powered path of thick massive sound created by the highly amplified guitar solos, melodic driving bass, intense drum beats and extended virtuosic vocals of Heavy Metal music.

In 1985 while a young Airman stationed at Altus AFB, OK., I had the privilege to catch Iron Maiden while on their POWERSLAVE tour three different times and the same number of locations. Oklahoma, California and Tokyo, Japan.

I was and still to this day have been hooked on Iron Maiden and Heavy Metal music…

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast 35th Year Anniversary

Three of my favorites from Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast…

March 20th, 2017

Teach A Man To Fish…

you feed him for a lifetime.

Consider the young tyke Cason landing his very FIRST fish, a big ole Bass

your ‘Feel Good’ moment of the day.

WARNING: This Video could cause an uncontrollable ear-to-ear SMILE and feeling of overwhelming joy.

Little Boy Catches Fish with Toy Rod

This little guy wasn't expecting to catch anything with his toy fishing rod… (via Jukin Media)

Posted by HuffPost Good News on Friday, March 18, 2016

Courtesy of JH, ‘Thank You Darlin’

March 20th, 2017

Happy First Day Of Spring

The First Day Of Spring

Another weekend is behind us, ‘Happy Monday Everybody!’

Even though it has been a relatively mild winter here in my neck of the woods with little snow and only two short lived extreme cold snaps, I am happy to see winter go. The few Robins I have already seen here at the BPU Ranch and I are ready for spring and hopefully a quick warmup that is on the way.

I use to love winter and the many snow related activities but now at my age along with the rods, plates and screws in my back, not so much anymore.

If you happened to notice my absence these past two days, Thank You for your continued support. I took the weekend away from the computer, away from the news and enjoyed a little much needed, ‘Me Time’.

My batteries have been re-charged, my always pleasant attitude has been re-adjusted, I am coffeed up and ready to get rolling here this first day of SPRING.

RIP Chuck Berry 1926 – 2017
“To this day, the cream of Berry’s repertoire — which includes ‘Johnny B. Goode,’ ‘Sweet Little Sixteen,’ ‘Rock and Roll Music’ and ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ — is required listening for any serious rock fan and required learning for any serious rock musician.”
— Citation from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 1986.
March 16th, 2017

WPB VA Medical Center Removes Portraits Of Donald Trump and Secretary Shulkin

Apparently some VA administrators at a West Palm Beach VA Hospital still do not understand that the Veterans Administration is for the benefits and care of our Veterans and not a platform for their political and personal viewpoint.

After a group of veterans noticed that almost two months into President Trump’s administration, the WPB VA Hospital still had not displayed the requisite pictures of the Commander-in-Chief and VA Secretary, they contacted their congressman, Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) who also happens to be a veteran himself.

In Response, Mast -a former Army Ranger EOD Technician who was wounded in Afghanistan and elected in 2016- brought portraits of Donald Trump and David Shulkin directly to the hospital Tuesday morning, looking on as VA employees hung them on the wall.

“Proud of the fact that the local vet community got it done. We walked in there, we made it happen. It was non-confrontational. It was nonpolitical. We just wanted to see it happen,” said combat infantry veteran Beau Brumfield Tuesday morning.

On location at the VA with Congressman Mast to hang the Presidents portrait.

Posted by Gruntworks on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Shortly after Rep. Mast and fellow veterans left the facility some Pinheaded Desk-Jockey had the portraits quickly taken down because Veterans along with their Congressman Representative hanging portraits of the Commander-n-Chief and the VA Secretary Shulkin in a VA facility is inappropriate?

A VA spokeswoman said that the congressman’s actions were “inappropriate” and the cell phone video was not legally obtained. Additionally, the spokeswoman said the portraits have been removed because they have not been authenticated. According to the spokeswoman portraits on display at the VA need to come from the central office.

March 15th, 2017

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Confirms Donald Trump Paid Taxes … ‘ROFLMFAO’

Rachel Maddow, Do I Have Egg On My Face?

If the MSM wasn’t so pathetically inept and hysterically fun to laugh at I would almost feel sorry for them. Just before Rachel Maddow on MSLSD was about to air Donald Trumps 2005 tax returns the White House scooped her story by releasing the information first.

Bottom line, PDT was taxed at a rate of 25% to 35% of his income. Far more than most Left Wing Loons to include Barack Hussein Obama and the Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders. I am sure you could throw the Clintonesta’s in that group as well.

The whole silly damn deal was nothing but a big MSLSD Ratings Stunt that backfired, BIGLY! Not to mention being a bit self incriminating going on the national airwaves to proudly boast you are illegally in possession of stolen and leaked documents?

“You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago,” a White House official told CNN.

Here are a few of todays BIGLY Lines:

Well played! Trump out scoops Maddow on his tax returns, mocks MSNBC over ‘desperate’ ratings ployBPR

Another Yuge MSM Black Eye: Trump Tax Rate Higher Than Obama’s, Bernie’s, and NBC’s!TDW

Rachel Maddow Turned a Scoop on Donald Trump’s Taxes Into a Cynical, Self-Defeating SpectacleSlate

5 Things to Know About Rachel Maddow’s Release of Trump’s Tax ReturnsPJM

Rachel Maddow showed Trump paid a higher tax rate than Bernie and BuffetRAP

Kim Jong-un’s Next Nuclear Weapons Test Might Be His Last, Says High-Ranking DefectorDC

Number of LAW BREAKING sanctuary cities nears 500TWT

Illegal Alien Raped Multiple Children In North CarolinaUSIACR

Only 24% of Voters Support GOP Health Care PlanPPP

Trump embraces conservatives as their interests align on healthcareWE

March 14th, 2017

Has Spring Sprung Yet?

Carhartt Work Belt/Utility Thong

Just in time to get an early start on those Spring home repair and remodel projects. My Carhartt leather Work Belt/Utility Thong arrived today.

By the looks of those big ole Goose Zimples on my ass it is a safe bet that it still just a tad nipply here in the Michigan area…

Courtesy of KF, ‘Thank You Darlin’