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Pamela Karlan

I was down on the couch yesterday as part of my pain management therapy so had the entire day to watch (in between lengthy snooze sessions) Fat Bastard Jerry Nads House Judiciary Committee F*ckfest and Impeachment hearings.

The moment that the astute law professor Pamela Karlan opened her pie hole it was clear to me that she was an unhinged Left-Tard elitist angry as hell that 64-MILLION voters put Donald Trump in office. (And, quite possibly because sitting on your nut sack tucked between your ass crack for eight hours has got to be extremely uncomfortable.)

Needless to say Democrat donor and HilLIARy Rotten Clinton SCOTUS shortlisted Pamela Karlan did not disappoint in explaining to us all how constitutional law concerning impeachment provides the foundation for ivory tower elitist’s like her to bash the President of the United States, mock his son, damn to hell all republican and conservative voters, and look down on pretty much everyone in middle America who has to actually work for a paycheck!

… and maybe it’s a different President we should be impeaching…

Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign Goes Tits Up

Kamala Harris, the self-described “Obviously a Top-Tier” presidential candidate is no longer a ‘Top Tier’ presidential candidate. In fact, she is no longer even a candidate, “She just went Tits up!” (For an explanation of Tits Up, Google former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown) Kamala Harris told her campaign staff in a telephone call this morning that she would be dropping out of the race to be the nominee of the Democrat party to run for president of the United States, according to POLITICO

The Mavericks ~ Before the Next Teardrop Falls

The Mavericks - Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Raul Malo and The Mavericks doing Freddie Fender’s – Before the Next Teardrop Falls almost makes me wet my drawers…

From their 2019 ‘The Mavericks Play The Hits’ album, ~ Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Ooh Canada! Our Home and Native Land…

Kamala Harris Campaign Imploding

Kamala Harris

“If Kamala Harris doesn’t have a clue who the hell she is, How is anyone else supposed to know?”

The state operations director for Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign, Kelly Mehlenbacher just told Kamala Harris to go F*cK Herself.

The 2020 Democratic field has been defined by its turbulence, with some contenders rising, others dropping out and two more jumping in just this month. Yet there is only one candidate who rocketed to the top tier and then plummeted in early state polls to the low single digits: Ms. Harris.

“This is my third presidential campaign and I have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly,” Ms. Mehlenbacher wrote, assailing Mr. Rodriguez and Ms. Harris’s sister, Maya, the campaign chairwoman, for laying off aides with no notice. “With less than 90 days until Iowa we still do not have a real plan to win.”

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