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May We Be Truly Thankful ...

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and like my family and I here at the BPU Compound you were also blessed with many reasons to be thankful.

I always believed that as I grew older my life would become a hell of a lot easier. At 60 years old with a wheelchair dependent wife, a 20 year old Cerebral palsy son who wasn’t suppose to live long enough to see his first birthday and all my physical disabilities, my life is everthing but a cruise down Easy street.

Still, the many reasons I have in my life to be thankful far outweigh any adversity.

Now that Thanksgiving is over you may officially Crank Up the Christmas Music!

Randalls BPU

Meet the newest member of the BPU family.

Kodiac or, Kodi as we affectionately call him is a 12 week old Husky pup weighing in at 27 pounds. Three weeks ago he tipped the scale at 16 and a half pounds.

I have had quite a few dogs in my life having lost my last one KoKo, a Sheppard mix four years ago. After four weeks with this one I can honestly say this big boy is of a different breed.

I am still uncertain as to who is training who here?

He doesn’t seem to take my threats of his ass pulling a dog sled in the Upper Adirondacks very seriously!

Kodiac the Husky pup
Randalls BPU

I am also thankful that the Good Lord gave me enough common sense and natural instinct to realize that a pile of shit wrapped up in a pretty package is still a pile of shit.

Kinda like the Fecal Matter our New World Order government elitist’s mandated be injected into our bodies...

Thankful I am a Pure Blood and Proud of it!

"Died Suddenly"...

Died Suddenly the movie
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Sound Check, Stick Your Progress Edition ...

John Rich - Progress

It sure feels like this past week has been one hell of a long one.

I admit, I was one who thought the Red Trickle was going to be a tsunami of a Red Wave.

Although the results were a tad less overwhelming than I was convinced they were going to be, I continue to concentrate on the bright side.

The Left-Tard’s lost control of the House and Drunk Ass saggy tit’s Pelosi is finished.

There is still a strong possibility the Left-Tard’s are going to lose the Senate.

We now have more Constitutional loving military veteran’s elected who have and will continue to fight for our freedom rather than go along to get along.

And, more people across our great nation are waking up and finally seeing for themselves the true intention of the Left-Tard Progressive movement.

"Stick Your Progress Where The Sun Don't Shine"

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Thank You Veteran's

Thank You,


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Sound Check ...

Chilliwack - My Girl (1981)

Canadian Rockers Chilliwack and their One Hit Wonder My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone).

Admit it, everytime you here the the simple hook “Gone, gone, gone she’s been gone so long/She’s been gone, gone, gone so long/Gone, gone, gone she’s been gone so long/wonder if I’m ever gonna see my girl” ...

You are singing along as you reach for the dial to turn it up.

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Detroit Weather

My Bad ...

6am and a chilly 46 degrees this morning here at the BPU Compound.

Yesterday was a balmy 76 degrees. I drove the mower around the yard, threw a few baked potatoes on the grill for an hour then grilled four thick cut chops for dinner.

My lovely bride and I sat in the garage BS ing until about 8pm before a light rain moved in and I finally shut the man cave down and fired up the garage heater. Those warm nights are fastly coming to an end.

Alright, they eyes have been moisturized, I am on my second large Thermo-Mug of coffee, the morning sabbatical has been completed and no blinding light followed by a mushroom cloud rising up in the distance. Let’s get-to-getting this Fall Friday going.

Randalls BPU

COVID Craziness

Last Monday my Sons home healthcare nurse who has had the COVID vaccination and two boosters I am aware of convinced herself that my 20 year old handicapped Son had contracted COVID.

She requested that my boy Peanut, who is on a ventilator and has been for 15, 16 years now be tested for COVID due to some congestion, a runny nose and an occasional temperature.

Monday night the healthcare service is calling waking me at 10pm to let me know that the nurse would not be showing up on Tuesday and would not return until we have him tested.

It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon that I was able to get to the drug store to pick up a boat load of prescriptions for my wife and Peanut. I purchased a COOF test and upon returning home tested the young lad.


I informed the nursing agency and the nurse immediately upon receiving the results.

Peanuts nurse is off on Wednesday but, immediately upon arrival Thursday morning I could tell she was rather perturbed. I left it alone and went about my business as normal.

At the end of her shift as she was leaving I asked, “You don’t seem like your Happy self today, is everything alright"?

“Yeah, well since you asked, no” she says.

Joe Biden WWIII

It was then brought to my attention that this COVID VACCINATED, DOUBLE BOOSTED nurse was upset that I didn’t run right out Monday and get Peanut a COVID test. In turn she was forced to miss work Tuesday and being off Wednesday had to quarantine herself to the basement of her house for two days to avoid contact with her live in elderly parents who I would bet my left testicle are also COVID VACCINATED and DOUBLE BOOSTED.

After her departure My Lovely Bride said, “I am proud of you for keeping your comments to yourself Randall”.

She said she could see by the look on my face I was going to zero in and target the whole, “Then What The Fuck Good Are The Fucken’ Vaccinations Good For Anyway” argument while I stood there with my mouth shut just smiling.

This nurse knows that Peanut and my wife and I are all un-vaccinated Pure Bloods and even though thoroughly injected thrice with the DNA altering COOF clot shot, her self imposed quarantined inconvenience and missed pay was all my fault.

And that my friends is just how our current communist government led by the Biden regime and their Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda called the main stream media succeed in keeping their sheeple all in line.

Friday | October 7, 2022 | email:randall@randallsbpu.com | Comments
Joe Biden WWIII

Good Morning ...

Woke up this morning Thankful that the Illegidiot Joe Biden and his Communist controled administration haven’t gotten us into WWIII, yet!

Randalls BPU

I received an email from a fellow Barley Pop University alum asking, ‘with platforms available like Blogger and Wordpress and the hundreds of thousands of free templates, why do you choose to code your own website?’

I enjoy the challenge?

I enjoy the process?

I am a control freak?

Pick one.

In all honesty, all the above apply. I love the challenges involved in running my own website. I love the process of constant learning new code and techniques and in this current out of control world this is the one thing I am in total control of.

Thank You for your email Beepme12.

Randalls BPU

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Numb-Nuts Joe Biden

Site Maintenance In Progress ...

Making a few changes, cleaning things up and validating code.

Will be back up and running shortly.

Friday | September 30, 2022 | email:randall@randallsbpu.com
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