February 28th, 2018

Sheriff Scott Israel and His Broward Coward’s…
  To Serve And Neglect

RandallsBPU - Sheriff Scott Israel and His Broward Coward’s To Serve And Neglect

February 28th, 2018

Randalls Rant – Pure Michigan Edition 2.28.2018

Randalls Rant 2.28.2018 - Pure Michigan

“WHEW!,” been a couple busy days here at the BPU Compound. Tuesday was spent covering the Bingo Babes at the VFW followed by running my one legged wife around all afternoon to her therapy and other assorted appointments. Just a short while ago my lovely Bride and I returned from our hour and half drive […]

February 26th, 2018

Oakland Mayor Libtard Libby Schaaf Issues a WARNING!!!

Oakland Mayor Libtard Libby Schaaf

Any Oakland/Bay Area Sanctuary City ILLEGALS … RUN!!, ‘ICE Is coming to get you’

Look at the bright side, law breaking Anti-American idiots like the Lovely Libtard Libby might be one way to flush the illegal ‘Gang Bangers’ out in the open for ICE to apprehend and present with a one way ticket out of […]

February 26th, 2018

RandallsBPU 5 At Five – Why Do We Crank It Up?

So the Neighbors can enjoy it too!!!


Shoot ‘Em DownMama We’re All Crazy NowScreaming for a Love-BiteBeat To Death Like A DogKnock, Knock {“type”:”audio”,”tracklist”:true,”tracknumbers”:true,”images”:false,”artists”:true,”tracks”:[{“src”:”http:\/\/randallsbpu.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/02\/Twisted-Sister-Shoot-Em-Down-1982.mp3″,”type”:”audio\/mpeg”,”title”:”Shoot ‘Em Down”,”caption”:””,”description”:”\”Shoot ‘Em Down\” from Big Hits and Nasty Cuts: The Best of Twisted Sister by Twisted Sister. Released: 1992. Track 7. Genre: Other.”,”meta”:{“artist”:”Twisted Sister (1982)”,”album”:”Big Hits and […]

February 26th, 2018

At Least It Wasn’t Fried Chicken, Collard Greens and Watermelon

At Least It Wasn’t Fried Chicken, Collard Greens and Watermelon

As if we all needed even more proof that our government on all levels is being run by a bunch of PC Buffoons check out the country’s worst Republicrat Governor, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner. In the name of DIVERSITY in celebration of Black History month Illinois Gov. Dumb@ss drinks a tall glass of, “Black Is […]

February 26th, 2018

Monday OT – The Blame Game (2.26.2018)

Monday OT – The Blame Game (2.26.2018)

As the facts surrounding the who, what’s and why’s behind the Florida school shooting continue to come out the following companies are very quick to play the, ‘Blame Game!’


February 23rd, 2018

Randalls Rant Rageaholic Edition – Gun Control: Legislating Fear

RandallsRant - Rageaholic edition

I am sitting here still sipping on my coffee trying to figure out exactly which end my ass is on. Not what I would call the optimal conducive atmosphere for a Randalls Rant.

Besides, if fellow Metal Head Razorfist, The Rageaholic is so worked up he feels the need to remove his trademark mirrored […]

February 21st, 2018

In Order To Fix A Problem You First Must Identify The Problem

In Order To Fix A Problem You First Must Identify The Problem

February 17th, 2018

Randalls Rant – ‘Grab Your Pitchforks and Light Your Torches’

Randalls Rant - 'Grab Your Pitchforks and Light Your Torches'

Good morning and a Happy Saturday to you all. We have made it through another week and, a long one at that. Once again I have been under the weather this past week as the Rhinovirus has been on a full rampage here at the BPU compound. I bravely threw my wife out front of […]

February 12th, 2018

RandallsBPU Five at 5 or, Six at 6 Spotify Edition

RandallsBPU Five at 5 - Spotify Edition

Ya-Know, administering a BLOG is one HELL of a job! Seriously cuts into my BEER drinking time.

Anywho, did not get an opportunity to tune in the iHeartRadio today for my, ‘Five at 5’ post. How about Six at 6 from my Spotify playlist?

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC Monday!!!

1820: – Tom […]

What Happens In The Garage Stays In The Garage
IRON MAIDEN - Eddie Solo Bass
Ronaldus-Maximus - 'Fuck-You'
Fucken' Islam
We Don't Want Your Sharia Law
Stop Illegal Immigration
In Memory Of Kate Steinle - BUILD THAT WALL
Make America Great Again
Don't Tread On Me
RandallsBPU Stands With Israel