Lindsey Graham Unleashes HELL On 11th Hour Dianne Finklestein and Senate Democrats

Lindsey Graham Unleashes HELL On 11th Hour Dianne Finklestein and Senate Democrats

Lindsey Graham has become a BIG damn barking DAWG now that John McCain no longer holds his leash!!!

Lindsey Graham goes off on Senate Democrats

— David Rutz (@DavidRutz) September 27, 2018

Stephen Bruton: Waitin’ For A Long Time – ‘CRANK IT UP!’

Stephen Bruton: Waitin' For A Long Time - CRANK IT UP

The Democrats Kavanaugh Allegations Are Getting Way Out Of Hand!

Another Alleged Victim Comes Forward

Brett Kavanaugh Responds To Democrats Attempted Character Assassination

Brett Kavanaugh Denies Alligations

Finally found a moment to wipe the dust off the laptop and fire it up. Been busier here on my little piece of the planet then the Democrats are conducting their ‘SMEAR CAMPAIGN’ against the good judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I will not bore you with all the details as to my prolonged absence but lets […]

Art Interpretation, It’s How You Look At It

Rosa Parks/Colin Kaepernick meme

Is It Just Me?,.

George Soros meme

or is it like you can almost see the CRAZY in their eyes?

Concerted Effort

The BORKING of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

1. OK.

Something very strange is going on.

Holton-Arms, the exclusive girls school of fraud #ChristineBlaseyFord Blasey (class of '84), has WIPED all their online yearbooks, within the last 24 hours.

— REX (@_ImperatorRex_) September 18, 2018

2. Also, her entire online history was erased, prior to the […]

Monday OT – Peanuts Gang Sing ZZ Top: ‘La Grange’ (9/17/2018)

Peanuts Gang sing ZZTop - La Grange

‘Good Morning’ fellow rockers and lovers of the magic coffee bean.

Pour yourselves a fresh cup and of course, ‘CRANK IT UP!’

HT: Janice H.

You Libtards Still Here?

Still Complaining About Trump?

Laaand Hooo!

Hurricane Florence loop

If there is an upside it would be that hurricane Florence was downgraded to a category 1 before making landfall this early morning. That’s not to say the potential for extreme danger and destruction has been minimized by any means.

My Army Son, his beautiful bride and mother of my three Grand babies are […]

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