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I-70 Pileup

Unbelievable footage from the pileup on I-70 today. My jaw dropped to the floor first time I saw this video.

— Dante' Jones (@Dantej21) February 15, 2019

Hey Jim Acosta, How Bout You Splain That ‘Fake Crisis’ Sh!t To The Angel Mom’s…

Fake News Jim Acosta

“Your question is a very political question, because you have an agenda. You’re CNN. You’re fake news. You have an agenda.”

Well played Mr. President, Well Played…

CNN's Jim Acosta: "What do you say to your critics who say you are creating a national emergency? That you're concocting a national emergency here […]

The World According To Omar

(Theo Spark) — Minnesota elected a Somali-born Muslima to represent them in Congress in 2018. – Ilhan Abdullahi* Omar

She is consorting with the group that supported her and helped get her elected…CAIR (a declared ‘terrorist’ group). – You won’t see her anti-semitic Jew-hating terrorist ass in the line at the local Swedish smorgasbord […]

We Wouldn’t Want Nervous DRUNK DRIVING Immigrants Now Would We…

Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens

Straight from the, “LIB-TARDS LACK COMMON SENSE” files comes this jewel.

Charlotte City Council members want police to end drunk driving & safety checkpoints in immigrant neighborhoods because they are making illegal alien residents “nervous.” 🤔

— Ben (@BenHowe) February 13, 2019

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Meanwhile… This Morning At The BPU Compound

Slipping On Ice

“Hold on a second Honey, Let me get the roaster oven in the car first!”

Minnesota Congress Mooslim Ilhan Omar Apologizes For Being A Joo-Hater (Not Really)

After being scolded by Nancy Palsy and other Lib-Tard Democrats for her anti-Sametic (Joo-Hater) Tweets, Minnesota Congress Mooslim Ilhan Omar Tweeted an apology to all the Joo’s she has offended.

Well, it started out as an apology before she attacked the Joo’s again?

(Business Insider) — Responding to this criticism in a statement shared via […]

Anytime — MSG (1989) ‘Crank It Up!’

Anytime - MSG (1989) CRANK IT UP!

Everybody Hurts… State of the Union Recap

State of the Union Libtard Ass Hurt

You can clearly see the severe case of LIB-TARD ASS HURT…

The State of the Democratic Party: Hurting#SOTU

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) February 6, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Pulls Her Cow Farting (BULLSH!T) Green New Deal Communist Manifesto From Website

Yesterday the Left-Tards newest and greatest Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rolled out her much awaited ‘Green New Deal’ Communist Manifesto.

Needless to say, the entire day turned into a daylong ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit full of fun, mockery and humor from both Left-Tards and Republicrats. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Green New Deal became the […]

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