ACME Fake Bomb Scare Day 2 (10/25/2018)OT

“Good Morning my fellow admirers of Juan Valdez and his quality Colombian coffee beans”.

Day 2 and the ACME Fake Bomb Scare continues. The target this this morning, another outspoken Democrat.

An eighth suspicious package and device similar to others sent to top Democrats was sent to a Greenwich Street building that houses offices for Tribeca Films and Tribeca Grill both owned by the unhinged Democrat (F**K TRUMP) Robert De Niro.

Something tells me that this could be another very long day for our Law Enforcement officials, news media and a few other Democrats who have been highly outspoken (Unhinged) since the election and failed coup of President Donald Trump.

Fake bombs or not, this is the lowest of the low and when caught the perpetrator regardless his or her motive should be made a stern and lasting example of. Perp walk the Sum-biotch to the gallows for all to see.

More Here Here and Here

Have yourselves a GREAT Thursday all. Smile at a stranger and above all else,

“Keep A Stiff Upper Lip!”

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