Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Pulls Her Cow Farting (BULLSH!T) Green New Deal Communist Manifesto From Website

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Green New Deal Communist Manifesto

Yesterday the Left-Tards newest and greatest Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rolled out her much awaited ‘Green New Deal’ Communist Manifesto.

Needless to say, the entire day turned into a daylong ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit full of fun, mockery and humor from both Left-Tards and Republicrats. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Green New Deal became the perfect script for ridicule, “Even from Speaker of the House Nancy Palsy”.

Anywho, by late afternoon the Communist Darling removed her Cow Fart (BULLSH!T) Communist Manifesto from her website.

Not to worry, we here at the BPU not only preserved the Bill and FAQ in our archives, we also have them on full display in the Barley Pop museum for all to see.

Green New Deal BILL pdf.

Green New Deal FAQ pdf.

‘Shout Out’ to Sen. Ed Markey, (Fuck-Tard – MASS) who still hasn’t figured out the fly of his under-drawers goes in the front and co-sponsored the idiot Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Communist Manifesto.

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