January 8th, 2018

BPU Monday Morning Open Thread – 1.8.2018

Good Morning my fellow early rising coffee-holic lovers of the Barley and Hops. Welcome to our first full week of 2018. Crawled out of bed at 5AM this morning to a balmy 30 degrees compared to the -3 degrees yesterday morning. The weather forecasting professionals are predicting temperatures on my little piece of the planet close to 50 degrees by Thursday. “Time to break out the short drawers and sleeveless shirts here!”

Of course the Bigly News this morning is the Golden Globe Awards last evening. I did not watch nor do I really give a Sh!t. Blanca Blanco looking Sh!t Hot at the Golden Globe Awards (Click Image for Expanded View)When I read that all the actresses would be wearing black to draw attention to what they have spent years paying little attention to well, you could probably guess the rest of the evening would go right down the crapper from that point on. “Hey Hollywood, You might need to flush twice after dropping that big ole turd of hypocrisy!”

–•– How this year’s Golden Globes red carpet became a political statement and why a boycott was rejected
–•– The post-Weinstein Golden Globes was an exercise in hypocrisy
–•– Rose McGowan hits back at Golden Globes Black Wearing Fakery
–•– Actress Blanca Blanco Shamed for looking Sh!t Hot In Red Dress

Everyone should begin seeing a little more in the paychecks this year, more than fifty different companies will be handing out substantial bonuses, the economy is going gangbusters, employment for all is going up, fewer illegals are jumping the border and Kim Jong-Un now wishes to practice diplomacy instead of run his portly little mouth.

“Oh, have you heard? PDT is Craaazy and probably should be impeached?”

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