BPU OT (2/25/2019) – Bomb Cyclone Edition…


“I survived the Michigan, Bomb Cyclone !”

Good Monday morning everyone…

Other than a couple short power outages lasting just long enough for the Whole House generator to kick in then shut down, a few small tree branches in the yard and the occasional small furry yard rodent blowing past the big picture window,..

No significant damage was incurred here at the BPU Compound. Still, there are quite a few across the state without power and much cleanup ahead of them. Stay safe and fair thee well.

Did you-all watch the Oscars last night?..

Nothing is more entertaining to me than wasting three hours of my time with the Hollywood Elitist’s spewing fourth their Left-Tarded political opinions while celebrating themselves for making movies no-one is watching.

“and the award for all categories except cinematography in a staged and racist hate hoax goes to…

Jussie Smollett!

Unfortunately Jussie couldn’t be here this evening so accepting the Oscar on his behalf,..

The Nigerian Brothers!”

Meanwhile this Monday morning in Venezuela…

as the people of Venezuela continue to eat from collected garbage (unless they are one of the lucky ones to capture and kill a rat) and, as Breadline Bernie Sanders, Commie Byotch Ocasio Cortez and the rest of the 2020 Left-Tard hopefuls continue to ‘Out-Socialist’ one another…

Venezuelan President Maduro salsa dances in true tyrannical celebration.

Stay strong, keep the faith and have a wonderful week my friends.

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