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April 13th, 2017

BREAKING: ISIS Just Became Intimately Acquainted With The MOAB, (Mother Of All Bombs)

Who better to be on the receiving end of this Big Bad ‘MOTHA’ than a bunch of towel headed Jihadi ISIS Sonsofbitches.

(FOX News) – The U.S. military dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday just days after a Green Beret was killed fighting ISIS there, a U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News.

The GBU-43B, a 21,000-pound conventional bomb, was dropped in Nangarhar Province.

The MAOB (Massive Ordinance Air Blast) is also known as the “Mother Of All bombs.” It was first tested in 2003, but hadn’t been used before Thursday.

For comparison, each Tomahawk cruise missile launched at Syria last week was 1,000-pounds each.

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