The Bottle Rockets – Kerosene

Bottle Rockets - Kerosene

The Bottle Rockets — Kerosene(MP3)

Ever see that damn thing, that burned out shell For a little while that trailer must a seemed like hell

If kerosene works why not gasoline If kerosene works why not gasoline

Kids wore rags, he never worked too much Who’s the judge to decide how this world […]

CRANK IT UP: Urge Overkill – Sister Havana (1993)

Crank It Up: Urge Overkill – Sister Havana (1993)

Come around to my way of thinking Don’t you want to, want to get along? Every day’s just like a vacation with you When I’m watching you and Fidel Castro in the sand, kissing

Girl you got to roll, Sister Havana Overthrow, Sister Havana

She’s coming on like a bicycle army Everybody’s waiting […]

The Hooters – Day By Day (1985), ‘CRANK IT UP’

The Hooters – Day By Day (1985), ‘CRANK IT UP’

Break out your air mandolin and, ‘CRANK IT UP!”

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