New From WhiteSnake – ‘Crank It Up!’

Whitesnake Flesh & Blood - Shut Up and Kiss Me

Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood (Deluxe Edition) is up on Spotify.

YouTube — Fresh off celebrating their 40th anniversary, rock legends Whitesnake return with their latest studio album, “Flesh & Blood”. This album follows the 2011 critically acclaimed studio album “Forevermore” and 2015’s “The Purple Album”, a reimagining of Deep Purple classics from […]

CRANK IT UP 3’fer – The Mavericks

The Mavericks

The MAVERICKS – Save A Prayer (1998) The MAVERICKS – I Want to Know (2003) The MAVERICKS – Thats Not My Name (2013)

Happy Easter ~ Dolly Parton – He’s Alive

Dolly Parton - He's Alive

The Very Best of Steve Earle – ‘CRANK IT UP!’

The Very Best of Steve Earle

Monday Metal ~ ‘Crank It Up!’

Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do

Make America Great Again
Extremely Pissed Off Right Wingers - Peace Through Superior Firepower
Ronaldus-Maximus - 'Fuck-You'
Don't Tread On Me
RandallsBPU Rule5 - The Barley Pop University
Stop Illegal Immigration
Liberty or Tyranny
RandallsBPU Stands With Israel
Randalls Rule5 - Detroit Tigers Babe