Hey Groper Joe, Hypocrite Much?

Hypocrite Much?

What a Belligerent Prick and Harasser of Old White Lady and Young Girls looks Like

Belligerent Prick Brian Sims

The Inquirer — A few days ago, State Rep. Brian Sims, who represents parts of Center City, filmed video of himself engaging with a woman — or to use his own words, “an old white lady” — praying the rosary in front of the Planned Parenthood surgical center at 11th and Locust Streets. In […]

Leave It To The Left-Tard’s At Sports Illustrated…

Sports Illustrated

The one time I actually enjoy doing a little Combat Shopping with the Wifey at the local Walmart knowing that while waiting in one of the two checkout lanes open I will have time to peruse the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition…

and the WOKE ‘SHIT FOR BRAINS’ at Sports Illustrated pull this Shit!!!



Rep. Eric Swalwell (DumbAss-Calif.)

The Constitution of the United States also makes no mention of MAN…

or Beer, Hooker’s and Titty’s either!

More about Rep. Eric Swalwell (DumbAss-Calif.) Constitutional Illiterate Here…

9-Ilhan Tick Talk

More @ Stilton’s Place

C’mon Now, Joe Biden Is Just A Hands On Kinda Guy…

Joe Biden Hands On

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