Monday OT – (10/15/2018)

Monday - 10/15/2018

That face you make when your car-poolers show up without your f**kn’ coffee!

Monday Morning OT ~ (10/1/2018)

Monday Morning OT ~ (10/1/2018)

Randon Thoughts:

I would think that the phony accuser Christine Blasey Ford would be logging some extended hours on her therapist’s couch this fine first Monday of October. Having been whored out by the Democrat party and their hand picked lawyers has to be far more traumatic than some high school boy running a hand […]

Brett Kavanaugh Responds To Democrats Attempted Character Assassination

Brett Kavanaugh Denies Alligations

Finally found a moment to wipe the dust off the laptop and fire it up. Been busier here on my little piece of the planet then the Democrats are conducting their ‘SMEAR CAMPAIGN’ against the good judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I will not bore you with all the details as to my prolonged absence but lets […]

Monday OT – Peanuts Gang Sing ZZ Top: ‘La Grange’ (9/17/2018)

Peanuts Gang sing ZZTop - La Grange

‘Good Morning’ fellow rockers and lovers of the magic coffee bean.

Pour yourselves a fresh cup and of course, ‘CRANK IT UP!’

HT: Janice H.

She Could Go “ALL… THE… WAY!”

They Could Go “ALL… THE… WAY!”

Took some time away to try and get a few things accomplished around the BPU compound.

My tool box is still sitting unopened right where I left it now next to a plastic container full of empty Beer cans to be returned.

It’s another GREAT day all. The woman, ‘Hillary Rotten Clinton’ who thought reaching […]

Well Played Mr. President, Well Played
Open Thread (7/9/2018)

Donald Trump trolls the media

I was a Ted Cruz supporter and believe you me was not a happy camper at all with then candidate Donald Trump and his in the gutter campaign tactics. There was no way in hell I was going to cast my vote for the HilLIARy Rotten Clinton so after winning the nomination Donald Trump became […]

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