Thank You

Veterans Day Tribute

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” – George S. Patton

Now You May Speak Friday Open Thread (11/9/2018) “NEVERMIND!”

RandallsBPU Open Thread, What Say You?

Post Mid-Term Hangover Open Thread (11/8/2018)

RandallsBPU Open Thread, What Say You?

“A Heartfelt ‘Goood Morning’ To Ya!”

I hope everyone is recovering from your post mid-term election hangovers as we now find ourselves marred in the 50/50 split spin of, “It was a great night for the (Insert your particular political affiliation here), We Won!”

Seems to me that the pollsters are finally getting their act […]

Veterans Deserve The Best

RandallsBPU Open Thread, What Say You?

Please forgive me if I don’t seem to understand your compassion for those who think they deserve what so many truly do.

ACME Fake Bomb Scare Day 2 (10/25/2018)OT

Super Genius, Orders from ACME

“Good Morning my fellow admirers of Juan Valdez and his quality Colombian coffee beans”.

Day 2 and the ACME Fake Bomb Scare continues. The target this this morning, another outspoken Democrat.

An eighth suspicious package and device similar to others sent to top Democrats was sent to a Greenwich Street building that houses offices for […]

Sunday OT – Barley Pop – Aholic Edition (10/21/2018)

Sunday OT – Barley Pop – Aholic Edition (10/21/2018)

‘My apologies for the lack of informative yet smarkasticly Fantastic posts as of late’.

I have been busy, busy, busy…

On a personal note, having suffered a stroke and an extended three week stay in the hospital I finally got Mrs. BPU home last Thursday afternoon. Even though there will be weeks of therapy ahead […]

Monday OT – (10/15/2018)

Monday - 10/15/2018

That face you make when your car-poolers show up without your f**kn’ coffee!

Monday Morning OT ~ (10/1/2018)

Monday Morning OT ~ (10/1/2018)

Randon Thoughts:

I would think that the phony accuser Christine Blasey Ford would be logging some extended hours on her therapist’s couch this fine first Monday of October. Having been whored out by the Democrat party and their hand picked lawyers has to be far more traumatic than some high school boy running a hand […]

Brett Kavanaugh Responds To Democrats Attempted Character Assassination

Brett Kavanaugh Denies Alligations

Finally found a moment to wipe the dust off the laptop and fire it up. Been busier here on my little piece of the planet then the Democrats are conducting their ‘SMEAR CAMPAIGN’ against the good judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I will not bore you with all the details as to my prolonged absence but lets […]

Monday OT – Peanuts Gang Sing ZZ Top: ‘La Grange’ (9/17/2018)

Peanuts Gang sing ZZTop - La Grange

‘Good Morning’ fellow rockers and lovers of the magic coffee bean.

Pour yourselves a fresh cup and of course, ‘CRANK IT UP!’

HT: Janice H.

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