Saturday OT – Hot Breakfast Edition

I have been sitting here for two hours now this early morning sipping on my coffee occasionally enjoying a Marlboro Light, White or whatever the hell they are called these days. All I know is whenever I purchase a pack or two they are called, “No, No, Not those, Up one row, Over, Over, … […]

BPU OT (2/25/2019) – Bomb Cyclone Edition…

Michigan Bomb Cyclone

“I survived the Michigan, Bomb Cyclone !”

Good Monday morning everyone…

Other than a couple short power outages lasting just long enough for the Whole House generator to kick in then shut down, a few small tree branches in the yard and the occasional small furry yard rodent blowing past the big picture window,..



“WTF!” Five days since my last post?

Things have been a little crazy here at the BPU Compound since the past weekend. My middle Son, “he demands I address him as my favorite” Daughter-In-Law, two dogs and cat took solace behind the illegal alien proof walls of the BPU Compound. (Same wall as Nancy Palsy’s […]

Getting Monday Going With All The Right Moves

Monday Moves

Hold on tight! Looks like it could be a bumpy ride…

BPU Home Economics Tips To Look After Your Husband Course 101

Tips To Look After Your Husband

Of course we live in a much different time than 1950.

Then again, forgetting something as simple as this might be why things are so different?

HT Claude, Thanks for passing this along.


On A Dime!

A Master at his craft!

Unlike Jack Lumber and Sons who dropped my neighbors dead tree across power lines and roof of his house…

Happy 2019 and Thank You


I hope everyone survived your New Year celebrations with a minimal of post celebration discomfort (hangover). I was in bed New Years eve by 11PM. Unfortunately or fortunately (good and bad in both) my hard core New Years Eve party days have become a distant memory. My buds and I use to burn the […]

RandallsBPU – 5 At Five

RandallsBPU 5 At Five

Tonights 5 At Five comes from the extinsive RandallsBPU ROCK/METAL music library. Popped a top on my first barley pop today and hit random play at around 1400.



White Trash Mother of the Year

RandallsBPU Open Thread, What Say You?

On Behalf Of My Entire Barley Pop Crew, “A Very Merry Christmas”

1. The First Noel – Tim Janis Christmas 2. Angels We Have Heard on High – Tim Janis The Simple Gift of Christmas 3. O Come All Ye Faithful – Tim Janis Christmas 4. Joy to the World – Tim Janis Simple Gift of Christmas 5. O Holy Night […]

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