The Country Can Go To Hell In A Hand Basket, As Long As We Win…

Stacey Abrams

I would expect nothing less of an angry Democrat who got her big ole ass kicked.

(Townhall ) — Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams admitted during an interview over the weekend that she’s open to illegal aliens voting in local elections.

This isn’t a one-off comment. During her run for governor […]

Is That An Old ZEBCO He Is Fishing With?

RandallsBPU Rule5

Getting Monday Going With All The Right Moves

Monday Moves

Hold on tight! Looks like it could be a bumpy ride…

Those Sure Are One Fine Bass

RandallsBPU Rule5


Muttley Snickering

RandallsBPU Rule5 – She Is A Keeper Fellers

RandallsBPU Rule5 - She's A Keeper

I could sit there in my lawn chair with a 12 on ice and watch her clean the Man Cave roof all afternoon!

Rule5 – Daddy Yankee Dura Challenge Edition

Rule5 – Daddy Yankee Dura Challenge Edition

A bouncy and jiggly butt with a life of its own. Also, Lil’ LaPunta might want to close the windows and door. Looks like it is a little nipply there?

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