Don’t Celebrate To Early, It Isn’t Friday Yet!

Early Celebration

Just a quick moment to wish everyone a HAPPY Wednesday. Between family, my work at the VFW and the Christmas Holiday,

I have been busier than…

“a cat trying to cover turds on a marble floor”

“a cross-eyed air traffic controller”

“a bar of soap at the state prison”

“a mosquito at a nudist […]

Friday OT – Did Anyone Else See That?

Shitz and Giggles

Happy Friday To Ya!

I love beginning my day with a good laugh and as I was perusing the blog-o-sphere this morning I stumbled across this one.

After cleaning the coffee out of my nose and off the monitor I realized that this was so funny to me because every morning after […]

It Has A Certain Convincing Quality

Hillary Clinton Portrait

The resemblance is uncanny.

No Wonder Kids Today Think I Am A Dumb-Ass

Smart Water

My entire 56 years of life I have been drinking the Stupid Water?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Gift That Keeps Giving

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Gift That Keeps Giving

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proved once again to be the total DUFASS she is with her claim that $21 trillion worth of Pentagon transactions that could not be documented or explained could have been better spent on something like aaah, Medicare for all.

The Department of Defense has spent roughly $18 trillion since 1789, and the $21 […]

Obviously Not A Fan Of That Joy Behar Bi-otch?

Kid Rock says "screw that Joy Behar bitch,"

“No, now, you can’t—” Doocy interjected, as the audience went wild. “You cannot say that,” said Doocy, laughing despite his best efforts. “We apologize for that.”

WOW — Kid Rock says "screw that Joy Behar bitch," prompting @SteveDoocy to repeatedly apologize on his behalf. (The crowd cheered Kid Rock's remark.)

— […]

Anybody Up For Some Mexican?

Obi Juan Kenobi

George H. W. Bush (1924-2018)

Dana Carvey's George Bush Impersonation (1992)

I have heard it mentioned on quite a few different occasions this morning from many who knew and are paying their respects to Bush 41, George H. W. that he had an amazing sense of humor.

As a young Staff Sargent at the time who earned his stripes during Desert Storm,

“Godspeed Commander-N-Chief”


Shanetta Sh!t Don’t Stink

Shanetta Sh!t Don't Stink

How dare anyone complain about this lovely, lovely lady sh!tten’ her drawers in line at the dollar store?

DANIA BEACH, Fla. (AP) – A Florida woman faces an aggravated assault charge after authorities say she passed gas in line at a dollar store and pulled a knife on a man who complained about it.


New Yorks Newest Representative Getting Herself Up To Speed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez watching Schoolhouse Rock

Aides Force Ocasio-Cortez To Watch Entire Run Of 'Schoolhouse Rock!'

— The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) November 27, 2018

For those of you who might be about the same age as New Yorks most famous communist bartender and have no idea what ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ is,

feel free to follow along […]

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