Certifiable TDS Loon Identified As…

This deranged TDS lunatic liberal, the certifiable Margo Rosen from Oakland, Ca. just couldn’t drive by and maybe shoot the Pro-Trump supporters the bird or something while continuing on with her day. Nope, Margo Rosen after pulling over and illegally parking her car in a red zone disembarked her vehicle and proceeded to have a complete and thorough TDS meltdown.

After yelling absurdities at the Trump supporters for nearly ten minutes, the handsome Margo Rosen rushed up to Cyndi Sheehan, who was wearing a Trump shirt while recording the unhinged Lib-Trd and attacked her while grabbing Cyndi’s phone.

As any normal person would do, Cyndi protected herself and property, which resulted in Rosen on the ground crying, and in typical Lib-Tard fashion,..

of course playing the victim.

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