CNN’s Resident Narcissist Loses His White House Press Credentials

RandallsBPU News and Opinion Jim Acosta along with a couple others in the White House press corps have become nothing more than a bunch of, ‘LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME’ argumentative bloviating agenda driven Ass-Hats. They lack decorum and show absolutely no respect for the office by their treatment of Sarah Sanders, or the President of the United States. It is about time the POS Jim Acosta had his White House press credentials pulled.

The American Spectator — At the President’s morning-after press conference, Mr. Trump actually was the most presidential I remember ever seeing him. Look, we are talking about Donald Trump here, so the baseline is what it is. Thus, we not only heard the President rightly point out that his remarkably energized personal campaigning efforts had helped nudge several GOP Senate candidates victoriously over the finish line, but we also got a Schadenfreude litany of all the Republican candidates who shunned his personal support — and proceeded thereupon to lose. That is Donald J. Trump of Queens, New York.

Even so, he entered the room with a presidential demeanor and spoke in a calm, measured presidential tone. He reviewed the election results, highlighted the Republican Senate gains, and even shared a very interesting insight into why the GOP sustained several retirements of Congressional committee chairs.

Next the President opened the floor to questions. He handled the first two pretty nicely, calmly, presidentially. And then came Acosta.

Acosta wanted to know why the President, during the election campaign’s final weeks, had characterized the Caravan marching up Mexico from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras as “invaders.” In itself, the question was fair game for a Presidential press conference. This is a democracy, and a free and robust news media is entitled to explore a President’s thinking on a controversial matter. In response, the President explained his reasoning. And then Acosta shifted into his next gear, starting tolecturethe President as to how the Caravan should be perceived and why the President is wrong. Again, did you catch this? — Acosta shifted from asking questions and instead started lecturing the President on public policy.

In other words, instead of being a journalist at a press conference, Acosta decided to change clothes like Clark Kent in a phone booth, and emerge as a talk-show host delivering his program’s opening monologue — in the President’s face on the public’s dime. The arrogance!

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