Democrat’s Attempt Stealth Pay Raise on a 1 Trillion $$$ Spending Package…

Democrats Push for Pay Raise

Since taking over the House the Democrats led by Nan Palsy have accomplished nothing while Fumble F***ing all over one other racing to be the first in front of CNN and MSNBC television camera to prove they have no proof of Russian interference or Trump collusion.

That being said, I am sure a sh!t load of ‘Do Nothing’ Republicrat’s will be all for this!!!

Bloomberg: House Democrats are moving forward with a plan to give members of Congress their first pay increase in a decade.

The party has scheduled a vote on a $1 trillion spending package next week that includes the annual bill funding congressional operations. The measure leaves out language in effect since 2010 that would prevent lawmakers from receiving an annual cost-of-living increase to the $174,000 base salary for rank-and-file lawmakers.

This week Democrats unveiled a separate Financial Services spending bill that would also allow the increase to go forward.

The issue of pay raises for lawmakers is politically fraught, and any measure is likely to be blocked in the Republican-held Senate. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer acknowledged the opposition but said the freeze on increases made it hard to pay and retain staff…

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