Democrats Targeted; ‘How Convenient for Them’

Drudge Report Bombs Sent

None of us have any idea who the would be terrorist is as of yet.

I find it a little hard to believe that just like that from somewhere deep out in right field among the complete and total lunacy of the left a wacky right wing conservative suddenly decided to take it upon his or her self to target a handful of Dingy Democrats days before the mid-terms.

And, isn’t it a little strange that not one single bomb detonated?

“It Doesn’t Fit the Profile!”

A series of explosive devices was sent to Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, a number of other prominent Democrats and the New York City building that houses CNN, sparking condemnation from law enforcement officials and elected officials.

The spate of incidents come on the heels of a pipe bomb found Monday in the mailbox at the New York home of billionaire George Soros, a supporter of Democrats who is often criticized by right-wing groups.

All of the packages were intercepted before they reached the officials they were addressed to. It was not clear if the incidents were linked, but officials feared that more devices and packages may already have been sent.

An FBI official condemned what he said appeared to be an attempt to further political aims.

Full Story Here

That isn’t stopping the Left-tards like Lisa Bloom from drawing her own conclusions and advancing her theory along with the #MAGAbomber hashtag.

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