Dianne Feinstein Refuses To Be Bullied By Indoctrinated Green New Deal Children…

Three take-away’s from this clip:

1.) We have a public school system that indoctrinates rather than teaches our children to think critically. Sincerely afraid that if we do not eliminate cows from farting in the next 12 years our planet will go up in a methane induced fire ball the chillren plead with their representative Dianne Finkle-Feinstein to vote yes on Crazy Commie Cortez Green New Deal.

2.) Dianne Finkle-Feinstein (Representative to the indoctrinated budding socialist’s) makes it perfectly clear that she is a 30 year career politician who has earned the right to act like a privileged, smug and arrogant ass-hat and will not be bullied by a few children from her district. Especially those children who are not yet able to participate with the million vote plurality who elected her.

3.) Dianne Finkle-Feinstein claims she knows what she is doing???

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