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June 16th, 2017

Everything Is Back To Not-So-Normal

After a full weeks’ vacation away from yours truly I was finally able to break my Lovely Bride out of the hospital yesterday afternoon and get her samich making butt back in the kitchen where it belongs. The weeks’ worth of dishes stacked up in the sink were not going to do themselves any time real soon.

Seriously though, it looks like the infection is located in the tissue of her foot and has not traveled to the bone. Another battle in her long war to keep her leg is over and for the moment the momentum is on her side. Thank you for your thoughts, well wishes and your prayers.

Since the very moment PDT took the oath of office the anti-Trump offensive from the Liberal left, the Fake News media, Hollywood Tweeter Twits and unhinged Libtards across our country have been in Full Bozo Trump Derangement Syndrome 24/7.

They are pumping out so much vile sh*t and politically violent hatred so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up with. I sit here every morning bouncing around the blogosphere over a pot of coffee and literally get confused as to which one of the 7 or 8 most disgusting Trump hating actions, posts or tweets I should comment on? And every one of these damn stories comes with a casual wink and a nod of approval and support from the Libtarded left and Democrat leaders.

Attempted Murderer Radical Libtard James T. Hodgkinson

Is it really any wonder at all why one of the lefts very own, the radical Libtard James T. Hodgkinson finally crossed the boundaries of civil society and took it upon himself to murder as many Republicans as he could? I would argue that in an indirect way without specifically being told, Hodgkinson was led to believe he was just following orders.

Remember, June kicks off the ‘Resistance Summer 2017’ ya-all and some on the left have made it known that would also be, ‘by any means necessary including violence. And, many of our Democrats in Washington, e.g. Schumer, Pelosi, Warren and Sanders have all endorsed the #Resistance movement.

Wednesday’s attempted political assassination on house Republicans hasn’t changed a damn thing, has it?