Facebook and YouTube Run Cover for Democrat Communist Whistle-Traitor Eric Ciaramella

Whistle-Traitor Eric Ciaramella

Facebook and YouTube’s current and extremely partisan censorship standards prohibit the mention of Adam Shiff’s Democrat Communist Whistle-Traitor Eric Ciaramella.

Thank Goodness we have such Monopolistic Social Media platforms the likes of Facebook and YouTube dedicated to ensuring that it’s members are not allowed to post or are subject to any information they deem violates their coordinating (With Whom?) harmful policy???

Facebook and YouTube are removing all content from their platforms that mentions the anti-Trump whistleblower’s name, whom news outlets including RealClearInvestigations have publicly identified as CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella. No law bans media outlets or any person but the intelligence community inspector general from making the whistleblower’s name public.

A Facebook spokesperson said the platform will remove “any and all mention of the potential whistleblower’s name.

According to CNN, a YouTube spokesperson said videos mentioning the whistleblower’s name will be removed. The removal of content will be applicable to not only titles and descriptions of the videos, but the videos’ content as well.

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