Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Would Like To See Trump Tax Cuts Replaced with 50% Tax Increase

Elizabeth Warren Fauxcahontas
The Democrats favorite Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, (MASS-LibTrd) sat down with CNBC’s John Harwood and beat her tom tom’s to the tune of Democrats rolling back the Trump tax cuts when they take over in November.

Fauxcahontas Warren would like to see the 90% of American wage earners who have benefited from the Trump tax cuts have their wampum taken away and replaced with at least a 50% tax hike on American earners.


CNBC’s John Harwood –•– “If Democrats take the Congress…would you like to see these corporate tax cuts repealed?”

Fauxcahontas Warren –•– “Yeah, I really want to see them rolled back.”

CNBC’s John Harwood –•– “Back to 35%?”

Fauxcahontas Warren –•– “Well, it’s not about the number. Here’s how I look at budgets, and taxes are at the heart of this. A lot of people think they’re just numbers; they’re not. They are the expression of our values. The values of the Republican Party that passed those tax cuts are to give $1.5 trillion away to the richest Americans and the biggest corporations, and let everybody else pick up the crumbs.

We need a budget, we need a tax bill that works for all of us. So what I’d like to see is I’d like to see us strengthen America’s middle class.”

CNBC’s John Harwood –•– “What’s too high for the top personal rate? Is 50% obviously too high? When George W. Bush was president, his team articulated the view that…you shouldn’t have more than one-third of your income taken [through taxation]. Do you feel similarly that it’s wrong for more than one-half of somebody’s marginal income to be taken?”

Fauxcahontas Warren –•– “There was a time in a very prosperous America… where the top marginal rate was well above 50 percent,”

CNBC’s John Harwood –•– “It was 90%.”

Fauxcahontas Warren –•– “That’s exactly right. But for me, the heart of the question you’ve got to ask is, ‘What constitutes a fair share in this economy?’ It depends in part on what the economy is.”

CNBC’s John Harwood –•– “It doesn’t strike you as, ‘obviously 90%, that’s ridiculous’?”

Fauxcahontas Warren –•– “90 percent sounds pretty shockingly high. But what I’m trying to get at is this is not about negotiating over specific numbers. It’s not about negotiating before you go into the negotiations.”

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