Friday OT and Top Story – 4/12/2019

“Good Morning, It’s Friday!”

Here at the BPU Compound we have had a busy week. Between all the appointments for my Wife and Son as well as my responsibilities to the VFW this is the first morning I have been able to sit, relax and thoroughly enjoy my morning coffee.

Morning Coffee

The biggest story of the week and not being one to use ‘click bait’ words like AMAZING, MUST SEE, YOU WON’T BELIEVE must admit really is quite the BOMBSHELL,..

AG William Barr finally shining the light of truth on all the Rats during his congressional testimony:

Shaheen: So your not, your not suggesting though that spying occurred?

Barr: I don’t, well, I guess you could, I think there’s that spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur.


Shaheen: Wow, let me, uh…

For two years now Demorats, Never Trumper’s and their accomplices in the Fake News Media have served us up a Sh*t sandwich of Russian collusion along with a special investigation that ended up proving that no such collusion existed.

Now that Barr has made it known there is a foul smell that comes with a Sh*t sandwich well,

Lets just see how far this offensive odor permeates.

CT has the full story Here

Keep the Beer on ice and have a great weekend!

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