March 16th, 2018

Friday OT – ‘Green Beer Edition’ (3.16.2018)

Get your Green Beer on ice, “It’s Friday!”

It has been a pretty busy week here at the BPU Compound. I have had to make two very early morning runs to the airport as my Daughter and her Bestie took a little Spring Break trip out to Vegas and back. They must not have hit any of the Jackpots as all I got in return was a Vegas coffee mug and Beer koozie.

“I can’t say my Daughter doesn’t know me, you can never have too many coffee mugs and beer koozies!”

Friday OT - 'Green Beer Edition' (3.16.2018)Running the VFW Canteen club has kept me hopping as we ready for the big St. Patrick’s Day, Cabbage and Corned Beef dinner Saturday. Even though at times it can feel like running a Drunk Day Care center for overly sensitive veterans, I do enjoy the challenge and have the greatest respect for all me fellow brothers and sisters.

Even though I did have a little fun with HilLIARy Rotten Clinton I tried to stay away from politics this week as there is only so much BULLSH!T one can tolerate. Seems like the BS meter has been pegged on FULL BULLSH!T mode for quite some time now and, there is a little more to life than time wasted on only that.

I have been kicking the idea around lately of doing my Friday open thread weekly wrap up in a BPU Vlog, (Video Blog) post. It would be easier and a little more personable I think. That and I wouldn’t have to stop everything to take a sip of coffee or a swig of Beer. Seriously, I have so many thought and comments that come to mind at random moments during the day and of course when I sit down to expand on them, I forget. I will continue to mull it over.

Ya-all have a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Enjoy your green Beer and do what you can to spread a little love around, ‘Irish and or otherwise’.

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