March 9th, 2018

Friday OT – ‘WRONG AGAIN’ (3.9.2018)

RandallsBPU Friday OT - 'WRONG AGAIN' (3.9.2018) Is that Friday I see looking out my window over the BPU compound? I believe it is. “Happy Friday All!”

I have been dealing with a few pain issues since my return from the UP last weekend. A long trip up and back and of course sitting out on the ice for a full day of ice fishing probably wasn’t the best idea with the back, hip, groin and leg problems I have. But, after a week of pain killers, anti-inflammatory s and refilling my Bud Light prescription the pain is at a minimum and I am ready for the weekend.

The VERY BIG news this Friday; after a year of Libtard Democrats and their parrots in the MSM determined to convince anyone who would listen that PDT was completely unhinged and that his crazy, ‘Rocket Man’ reference to the Fat Bastard North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un was the inevitable start of World War III… Check out this mornings Drudge Line with a link to the New York Post

Drudge Line - Donald Does It Again

If it weren’t so damn funny watching the Libtards like a bunch of monkeys trying to f*ck a football constantly get PDT wrong, it would almost be effin’ embarrassing.

Now I know that there are a lot of questions to be asked and what ifs to be surmised but still, having accomplished to this point what no other modern day president has before him is truly a BIG DEAL proving the Trump haters, ‘WRONG AGAIN!’

Have yourselves a very Happy Friday and even better weekend.

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