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September 14th, 2017

From The Socialist Republic Of Kalifornia

Socialist Republic Of Kalifornia

These Clowns In Kalifornia oppose the very freedoms that give them themselves the right to oppose.

BERKELEY — In this cradle of the free speech movement, from the very campus where the First Amendment has been tested time and again, a new poll from UC Berkeley shows California voters are split over the delicate question of whether white nationalist groups should be allowed to demonstrate.

Forty-six percent of California voters say we’ve gone too far in allowing white nationalists to demonstrate while 43 percent say the rallies should not be restricted and 11 percent had no opinion.

And Democrats, especially, appear to be grappling with the complex issue in deep blue California.

In the wake of violent protests from Charlottesville to Berkeley, more than half, a full 53 percent of California’s Democratic voters, believe we have gone too far in allowing those demonstrations. Some 50 percent of California Republicans, meanwhile, believe the right to demonstrate should not be restricted, compared with 39 percent of Democrats.

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  • MeAgainMargeret

    So, who are these “White Nationalists” you speak of? Is that the new Right Wing Cover term for KKK or NeoNazi? I have to ask that you clarify or I can’t really share an opinion on this yet.

    • You would have to ask the Clowns at Berkeley to clarify ‘White Nationalist’. Could be either or you mention or just your ordinary Trump Supporter as to who they disagree I suppose.

      • MeAgainMargeret

        After signing this resolution yesterday, it appears as though Trumpy Trump himself answered my question.
        The resolution condemns “the racist violence and domestic terrorist attack” in Charlottesville, where a suspected white supremacist was accused of plowing a car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one and injuring more than a dozen others.
        It also rejects “white nationalism, white supremacy, and neo-Nazism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values that define the people of the United States.”

        • Well there you have it. I guess the next step would be legislation restricting the free speech of anybody associated with such groups. Then we can ad amendments to the legislation restricting the speech of anyone else we might disagree with. And, birds again will chirp as rainbows appear over the sun.

          • MeAgainMargeret

            Ha ha! Exactly! And while we’re at it, let’s really embrace that all out freedom you wish for. Maybe we should let people steal from others, that’s freedom, or maybe go ahead and murder too while we are expressing those overwhelming freedoms to do or say anything. There has to be a line somewhere between anarchy and freedom. I guess my line moves a little closer to the preventing HATE boundary than yours is all.