April 12th, 2018

Give April Ryan a Break, She Suffers from, ‘TDS’

Give April Ryan a Break, She Suffers from, ‘TDS’

This is the game April Ryan and the rest of the Libtards want to play now!

“Let’s F*cken’ Play!”

Reporter April Ryan said she has received death threats after asking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders whether President Trump has considered resigning.

Ryan, a White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, defended her question while appearing on CNN and told host Wolf Blitzer that she’s received a wide range of reactions to the question.

“Some are saying it was a great question — people who do not support this president. And those who are supporting this president are outraged, are angry.” Ryan said. “I’ve been getting death threats, and we’ve been calling the FBI.”

Ryan asked Sanders Tuesday if Trump had thought about stepping down at any point. She told Blitzer that she asked in the context of the FBI raid of Michael Cohen’s office, Trump’s personal attorney, but that she’s heard before from sources that Trump was considering resignation.

Sanders said no and dismissed Ryan’s question as “absolutely ridiculous.”

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