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August 29th, 2017

Good Morning and, God Bless Texas

Good Morning my fellow coffee-holics and lovers of the barley and hops. WOW!, I have been absent for so long I feel like a new visitor to my silly little BPU blog site.

I have been around long enough to know that life is never always a smooth stretch of road. There are twists, turns, hills and valleys that always need to be negotiated and overcome on the way to our final destination. For way to long now my life has been an uphill climb on a long and snow covered treacherous mountain pass! And, with both hands white knuckled on the wheel I have had little time to entertain my more pleasurable distractions.

Those of much stronger faith than mine always say, “God never gives you no more than you can handle!”

God and I are having a major disagreement about just how much more I can handle at the moment.

Anyway, for the month of August I have had very little time to keep up on the happenings going on locally, nationally or elsewhere in the world. It wasn’t until the disaster in Texas imparticular the Houston area that I started paying closer attention. Because my Brother and his Beautiful bride live in the San Antonio area hurricane Harvey became very personal to me. Unlike so many of our fellow Americans in Houston, all ended up well for my family. My thoughts and Prayers go out to all in need.

Please, Find It In Your Heart To Help Any Way You Can.

–•– NORK Fat Bastard Fires Ballistic Missile Over Northern Japan
–•– (VIDEO) Sirens Blare As Japan Wakes To North Korea Missile Warnings
–•– PDT On Fat Bastards Missile Launch, “All Options On The Table”
–•– Governor Abbott Activates Entire Texas National Guard
–•– How To Get and Offer Hurricane Harvey HELP!..
–•– PDT Visiting Texas Today
–•– The Best In America During Disastrous Times
–•– PDT Shoves Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pardon Up Nay-Sayers ASS!..
–•– Antifa: The Lefts New Ku Klux Klan

And Lastly, just like pretending to throw the ball and watching your dog run after nothing there is this:
–•– Not The Brightest Trump Haters Fall For Fake News Photo
This Obama photo, doing the rounds after Harvey, is actually from 2015