December 15th, 2017

Good News, The Internet Is Still Up and Working Just Fine

You would have thought that after the repeal of Net Neutrality yesterday we all would be communicating via Carrier Pigeon today.

Ted Cruz released this statement on his Facebook explaining why a bunch of Obama appointed unelected bureaucrats have no business regulating our internet.

Since its inception, the internet has been an oasis of freedom. It has not only been a haven for free speech but has served as a great equalizer when it comes to jobs and opportunity by dramatically reducing the barriers of entry for anyone with a new idea and broadband connection. The Obama administration’s so-called net neutrality regulations have threatened the very freedom that has allowed the internet to flourish by placing the internet under 83-year-old public utility regulations that gives sweeping power to unelected bureaucrats who would have the ability to dictate every aspect of the internet. Small businesses in Texas and across the country shouldn’t have to seek ‘Mother May I’ permission from unelected bureaucrats to be able to engage in commerce. It’s un-American and has the power to severely limit the creative destruction that has allowed the internet to flourish.

I commend Chairman Ajit Pai and the FCC for repealing these oppressive Obama-era regulations and restoring freedom to the internet. I would also like to thank the Commission for responding to a request from Commissioner Michael O’Rielly and me to include a provision in the order that will prevent the Obama administration’s dangerous policy to infest the internet through state and local government mandates that serve no purpose other than to stifle America’s entrepreneurial spirit, frustrate innovation, and block economic opportunity. Moving forward, the message for government regulators and Congress should be simple- the internet should be free of taxation, censorship and regulation. Simply put — leave the internet alone. ~ Ted Cruz

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