May 2nd, 2018

Good Question: What Has Trump Done???

With all the seething hatred of Trump, all of the automatic and irreversible triggering the mere mention of his name results in, I am left with a serious and honest question:

What is it that Trump has done, what has Trump done to YOU…personally? Forget what you “think” he might have done to someone else, forget what the bias media says…what has he done to YOU???

Has Trump caused YOU, personally, to lose a loved one?

Has Trump made you, personally, lose your job?

Has Trump made you, personally, take a pay cut?

Has Trump caused you, personally, to lose your home, or become homeless?

Has Trump caused you to lose health care?

Has Trump caused you to pay more taxes?

Has Trump, and only Trump, caused you to pay more at the grocery store, or the gas pump?

What specific thing (or things) has Trump done to YOU, personally, to cause all this hatred toward the man?

It just defies logic all this unabated hatred for Trump, and I’d really, honestly, like to know just exactly what this man has done to people, personally, that underpins this anger and attitude.

I’m not going to sit here and sing the man’s praises, nor am I going to call him a perfect human, but what has he done to YOU???

Posted at and most appreciatively lifted from AboveTopSecret

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