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September 7th, 2017

Hurricane Irma – Thoughts, Prayers and Links

Goood Morning my fellow coffee-holics and lovers of the barley and hops. If you are one who finds themselves in the possible path of hurricane Irma, “What in the hell are you doing sitting there surfing the net wasting your time on my lil’ ole blog for?”

Looks like Irma, “That BIOTCH” has raised hell far beyond comprehension in the Caribbean yesterday and last evening. With total destruction and now 10 deaths in her wake it is looking more and more like she has Florida in her sights. Please take the proper precautions and keep yourselves and your family and friends safe. My thoughts and as always, prayers are with you all.

On the lighter side, it is funny to me that at my age and not having the opportunity to spend as much time with my Mother as I would like, her visit for the month now in its 7th day is nothing short of comforting, warm and long overdue. At 55, years old now I still appreciate my Mom’s Motherly Magic of making all my Boo Boo’s hurt less.
Thank You and, I Love You Mom!

To my neighbors to the south, heed the warnings, stay safe and see you on the other side. Love the ones your with.

Hurricane Irma - Hold My Beer

–•– 24 hours of total destruction as Hurricane Irma heads for Florida
–•– Projected path of Hurricane Irma
–•– Irma closes in on South Florida’s east coast
–•– Florida Gov. Rick Scott: Irma Much Worse Than Andrew
–•– Read More About Hurricane Irma Here