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April 3rd, 2017

It’s Monday Again?

A Very Happy Monday to you all.

Having a disabled 14 year old Son who requires constant care I am use to having a wonderful Home Nursing staff at the BPU Ranch 16 hours a day, every day. Although it can put a real damper on my ball scratching skivvy’s time, having well qualified care givers in my home helping care for my Son is well worth it.

Last Monday our home modification projects kicked into high gear so on top of my nursing staff, I had my contractor, plumbers and electricians in and out of the house every day all last week running jack hammers and cement saws. The BPU Ranch is on a slab foundation that had to be busted up to run new plumbing for a new stand up shower being installed off my Sons room.

Here in my little area of this great big beautiful land the electrical grid is such a fragile mess of wires, transformers and poles that if someone breaks wind in the wrong direction at least 50,000 people are guaranteed to lose power. As my Son requires more equipment to sustain life than you would find in most hospital emergency rooms, we also had a big ole, ‘Briggs and Stratton’ whole house generator installed over two days last week.

Needless to say but, I will anyway, finding any quiet ME TIME last week to sit and think let alone turn on the computer didn’t happen until yesterday. By then all I wanted to do was drink a few frosty cold ones while smoking a couple racks of ribs. I spent most of the day sitting outside on the BPU patio enjoying the warm sunshine while watching the NASCAR race at Martinsville.

So far this morning other than a nurse wondering around here somewhere it is still pretty quiet, the calm before the brewing storm. It should be a little less noisy around here than it was last week though. It didn’t matter where in the hell you hid in the house. When they were running that pavement busting jack hammer it was enough to jiggle your giblets.

Have a great day and, ‘Scratch Away My Friends’.

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