April 3rd, 2018

Jessie Jackson Challenges Maxine Waters for Lowest IQ

“Badda Boom, Badda Bing”, nailed two Libtards in one headline!

I love it when Jesse Jackson receives a three day pass from the Libtard Insane Asylum. While in Memphis to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s death the race baiting hustler dropped this pearl of wisdom:

“We must ban assault weapons and stop the killing. We live in the most violent nation on earth. We are killing each other. We make too many guns.”

Jesse Jackson must have been talking about the Democrats progressive Jewel, The Nation of Chicago?

As for that thing about America being the most violent nation on Earth, is he joking? Has he ever been anywhere else, like perhaps Syria or Iraq? There’s plenty of places that are currently at war that would definitely qualify as being infinitely more violent than the US.

Even if we just go by murder rates, The US is way down on the list. El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Jamaica, and the African nation of Lesotho are the top 5 most violent countries. Most of the list is made up of African, Central American, South American, and Middle Eastern countries.

The US doesn’t show up on the list until #94, wedged between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Borat would be proud that his country beat America with a slightly lower murder rate. Wawaweewa!

The World Economic Forum ranked 136 countries on how safe they are for tourists, which would be another indicator of how violent a country is. The worst of the worst looks like this:

1. Colombia
2. Yemen
3. El Salvador
4. Pakistan
5. Nigeria
6. Venezuela
7. Egypt
8. Kenya
9. Honduras
10. Ukraine

Again, the US is not anywhere near the top of the most dangerous countries, because it’s simply not a violent place like all of these shitholes.

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