December 6th, 2017

‘JOO-HATERS’ Gonna Hate Today

Despite the years of past presidential and congressional LIP SERVICE from both Liberals and Republicrats, today PDT will keep another promise and finally acknowledge that Jerusalem has always been and will always be the eternal capital of Israel.

'JOO-HATERS' Gonna Hate Today The president’s decision to verify what Congress has made law since 1995, and to recognize a reality that’s been true for several thousand years, shouldn’t be all that controversial. But it is, largely thanks to misinformation put out by enemies of Israel, who suggest that to say true things amounts to provocation of violence.

Here’s the reality: recognizing the unification of Jerusalem under Israeli authority isn’t what causes violence between Israel and its neighboring Muslim enemies. It’s the anti-Semitic religious fervor of Israel’s neighboring Muslim enemies. That’s been true since before there was a state of Israel, and before Israel controlled Jerusalem.

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