Michigan Mooslim Darling Rashida Tlaib Has A Potty Mouth, So What…

I really could care less about the language. All it proves is Michigan’s newest Joo hating Mooslim Representative Rashida Tlaib is about as classy as a trailer park tramp. As far as I am concerned she can talk to her supporters and small Joo hating children any way she wishes.

President Donald Trump has had a tendency to come across a bit crass as well taking the good fight into the gutter at times although I am certain he has never called the Democrats or Rashida Tlaib a, ‘MotherF*cker’.

Unfortunately, our politics has become a lesson in incivility. The Resist movement of which Rashida Tlaib (did I mention Joo hating) is a proud card carrying member stands chin high in the cesspool of personal political hate and, quite proud of it. Love or hate the bad Orange Man there is nothing constitutionally to base impeachment on other than the resisting Lib-Tards utter pure hatred of Trump. “Good Luck with that!”

What concerns me is that in this 2019 Congressional Freshman class, two (the other being her brothers Ex-wife Minnesota representative-elect Ilhan Omar) took their oath to protect and defend our Constitution of the United States swearing in while dressed in full Mooslim garb with their hands proudly placed upon, ‘The Koran!’ Rashida Tlaib also proudly draped herself with the flag of Palestine after she found out she won a seat in the House of Representatives.

Am I concerned that one day soon Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar might enter the Congressional chamber floor with an explosive device shoved up their ass screaming ‘Alahu-Akbar’ determined to take down the Great Satan supporting infidels?

“Of course not”

I would be more concerned about the Silent Jihad happening right before our eyes as these two Mooslim women who totally support and are endorsed by the terrorist supporting organization CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and today’s Democrat Party begin their two year ‘Subversion of America’ campaign. That would be as soon as they get the Bad Orange Man impeached of course.

Pay very close attention to the words used, causes, legislation drafted and ideology of Tlaib and Omar these next two years and I am willing to bet you will witness the further deterioration of American values, standards and laws in favor of the radical Mooslim communities both domestic and internationally.

And of course, anybody who disagrees with them will be labeled a racist, bigoted, sexist islamophobe.

Rashida Tlaib – “Impeach the MotherF*cker!”

Rashida Tlaib runs for cover when asked to explain her comments…

2 comments to Michigan Mooslim Darling Rashida Tlaib Has A Potty Mouth, So What…

  • Trip McKlintok

    What’s the matter, are our female representatives not allowed in Trumps “Pussy Grabbing” locker room? Appears you’re walking a very fine hypocritical line here. They all need to raise their standards and we SHOULD expect better, but let’s not make one out to be worse than the other when this standard has bet set and promoted over the last 2 years.

    • Drip McClitock

      Sure would appreciate it if you would focus your comments on the subject of the post.
      I have nothing what so ever against a strong and focused woman.

      To suggest I am hypocrite for pointing out that two Mooslim women elected to our house of representatives who support groups and organizations with extreme ANTI-AMERICAN reputations is beyond any rational conversation.

      Your Trump Derangement Syndrome clouds your vision my friend.

      Thank you for your comment Drip.

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