Monday Morning OT ~ (10/1/2018)

Randon Thoughts:

I would think that the phony accuser Christine Blasey Ford would be logging some extended hours on her therapist’s couch this fine first Monday of October. Having been whored out by the Democrat party and their hand picked lawyers has to be far more traumatic than some high school boy running a hand down her drawers 30 plus years ago.

Monday Morning OT ~ (10/1/2018)

‘Making America Great Again’, one fulfilled promise at a time. As promised, President Donald Trump has scrapped NAFTA welcoming Canada on board with a brand new trade deal. The new agreement was reached before Sunday’s midnight deadline and will incorporate the United States’ trade deal with Mexico that was reached in August.

Trump coined a new name for the trade deal: United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

‘Bitch slapping Barry Hussein Obama right upside the head!’

After six FBI background checks already and not one iota of any sexual wrong doings ever having been uncovered and with the help of Arizona senator and Metro-Sexual poster boy Jeffy Flakey Flake, the unhinged Libtards got their wish. The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be delayed so that yet another FBI investigation can be conducted.

Just in case you are one of the truly brainwashed who believes that the Democrats grandstanding was more about another FBI investigation than a continuation of continual delay of confirmation check out this BOOB.

The slightly deranged Senator Mazie Hirobono wants you to know that even a seventh investigation is a farce setting the stage for further future delay.

A few of the issues on my mind this morning as the coffee buzz sets in.

Time to wake the hell up and have yourselves a great Monday, and even better week.
Monday Morning OT ~ (10/1/2018)

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