November 27th, 2017

Monday Open Thread 11.27.2017 – Gone Shootin’

Good Monday Morning My Barley Pop Peeps. The coffee pot is on full overdrive, the sun is on the rise and I am slowly coming out of my turkey induced tryptophan hangover. I think I might make it through this day on my one 45 minute power nap instead of the three or four daily siesta’s I have been taking since Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and found many reasons in your lives to be truly thankful and blessed. With everything I have had thrown at me the past five years, (A cripple, Me taking care of a cripple, My Wife taking care of a cripple, My Son) keeping a positive and thankful attitude has been a full time and somewhat exhausting endeavor. A few days to reflect on the many reasons I have to be thankful instead of angry and feeling sorry for myself has filled my soul as we begin our Christmas celebrations.

‘God Bless & LuvYa-all’… Now, lets hit it!!!

–•– Embarrassed and Ashamed, Al ‘The Titty Grabber’ Franken Not Stepping Down ~ Nothing to see here, Al Franken is a protected Democrat strong on women’s issues.
–•– Fiercely Denying Sexual Allegations John Conyers Steps Down From Judiciary Committee, Will Return To Work Monday ~ Nothing to see here, John Conyers is a protected Democrat strong on women’s issues.
–•– CNN With A Severe Case Of Ass-Hurt Wants To Ban The Term, ‘Fake News’ ~ The Trumpster must really be getting under their skin over at CNN?
–•– Trump Tweet: There Should Be A ‘Fake News’ Trophy ~ “Sorry, to busy laughing here to respond at the moment!!!
–•– OPINION: Unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrom Is Killing The Media ~ I agree
–•– Black RACIST Indiana Maternity Ward Nurse Wants White Babies Dead ~ Thank God the hospital was quick to ‘sh!t-can’ the lovely Taiyesha Baker.
–•– Week 12: The NFL Protests Continues, More Empty Seats Than Fans ~ Hell of a way to run a business there Roger.
–•– FEEL GOOD: Woman Raises $350K For Homeless Veteran Who Helped Her ~ Kate McClure and Marine Veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr. are an inspiration to us all.
–•– BRILLIANT: Ways To Protect Your Christmas Tree From Your Pets ~ As I have two cats in my home, image #2 is Purrr-fect!
–•– Record Setting 200,000 BLACK FRIDAY Gun Checks ~
AC/DC – Gone Shootin’ (Powerage – 1978)

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