Monday Open Thread – ‘No Concept on Albeism’

Happy Monday I hope you all had a great weekend as did I. Paying for it a little bit this fine Monday beginning at about 3am. A few pain issues but nothing a few Bud Lights this afternoon won’t cure.

I loaded the Wifey and my Son up yesterday afternoon and took them to the VFW for our big ‘Cinco De Mayo’ celebration and final ‘Show Me the Money’ card game. With the loading and unloading followed by loading and unloading of two wheel chairs, all the medical equipment and both my boy and the wife well, now paying for it at a level of 4 to 5 on the 10 scale. Needless to say my workout today will consist only of 12oz.curls.

That being said, if I can still manage to put a smile on my face this Monday morning and happily look forward to my day, “So Can You!”

Have a GREAT Monday and even better week.

H/T Michael S.

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