Monday OT and Top Story – 4/8/2019

Welcome again to another Monday…

Monday OT 4/8/2019

We had a pretty good weekend here at the BPU Compound. Other than a little overcast and very light rain late yesterday afternoon temperatures on my little piece of the planet were in the 60’s with warm, bright sunshine. With the help of my Son we finally got around to cleaning up the fall leaves and land mines (dog shit) from the back yard Saturday. Paid for it with some back pain but feeling better today.

“I am in the full and upright position as this day gets started”.

Big story this morning… whether she was asked (I think this be the case) or she volunteered, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has resigned. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Out Kevin McAleenan In

I do not know all the details and will not pretend I do. What I do know is that after months of things going from bad to worse with soaring illegal immigration levels and an expanded Catch and Release policy under Secretary Kristjen Nielsen’s watch, someones head was going to roll.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more heads roll before this is all over.

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