January 10th, 2018

NBC To NFL Kneelers: ‘If You Kneel During The Super Bowl We’ll Be Sure To Televise It!’

NFL will show national anthem kneeling at Super Bowl NBC executive for the Super Bowl Fred Gaudelli, made it clear that any of the NFL kneeling Sonsofbitches who take a knee during the Super Bowl National Anthem will be televised if by chance it were to happen. Sounds more to me like Ole Pinhead Fred is inviting the NFL A-holes to take a knee with the promise of televising their disrespect to our nation and our flag.

(Daily News) — Fred Gaudelli, the executive producer of the Super Bowl, told reporters Tuesday night that the network would indeed capture any kneeling at the game.

“It was a pretty big story in our country this fall,” Gaudelli said Tuesday. “The Super Bowl is a live event, just like ‘Sunday Night Football.’ When you’re covering a live event, you’re covering whats happening.

“So if there are players that choose to kneel, they will be shown live. I would say, probably since Thanksgiving, a lot of that has kind of disappated and died down. It’s certainly possible it could happen again.”

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