May 1st, 2018

NOOOOO!, Iran Lied?

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu - Iran Lied You mean to tell me that Barack Hussein Obamas’ staunch foreign policy strategy involving planeloads of cash and firmly placing his lips on the ass end of these towel headed sponsors of state terrorism did nothing to stop their ongoing nuclear weapons program?

Mark Levin dropped this little truth bomb concerning Obamas’ appeasement during last nights broadcast… “He provided them the money to get the nukes… and his people today are running around saying the fact that Iran lied about what it was doing is more reason we need the deal, Have you ever heard anything so stupid in your life?”

U.S. officials and congressional insiders view the disclosure Monday by Israel of Iran’s ongoing efforts to develop a nuclear weapon as game over for the landmark nuclear deal, telling the Washington Free Beacon that new evidence of Iran’s top secret nuclear workings makes it virtually impossible for President Donald Trump to remain in the agreement.

Senior Trump administration officials confirmed the findings as authentic and praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s for disclosing thousands of secret documents proving Iran lied about its past work on a nuclear warhead, telling the Free Beacon the revelation was a “powerful presentation” by Israel outlining why the Iran deal must be fixed or killed.

U.S. officials who reviewed the secret documents confirmed their authenticity and said that Israel has shared the information fully with the United States, most likely to help build the case for Trump to abandon the nuclear deal, rather than try to fix what the White House views as a series of insurmountable flaws.

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