Rocky ‘Black Friday’ Balboa

Rocky 'Black Friday' Balboa

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Twitter Much Safer for Pedophiles Now That 9-Ilhan Omar Challenger Permanently Banned

Pedo Friendly Twitter

The last thing all the Pedophiles on Twitter need is another Republican making idle threats against a Democrat Darling and Minnesota Congress-Mooslim who quite possibly (And believable I might ad) could be passing along sensitive information to Iran!

Danielle Stella, a Republican seeking to unseat Minnesota Muslim Rep. 9-Ilhan Omar, was permanently suspended from Twitter after she posted on Tuesday,..

“If it is proven @IlhanMN passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged,”

Danielle Stella was referring to a Washington Examiner article where according to a Florida court case deposition 9-Ilhan Omar is a “Qatari asset” and conduit to Iran.

Talkin’ Turkey and Being Thankful

Smoked TurkeyI hope you all enjoyed the official start of the holiday season with a most blessed and thankful Thanksgiving. Already having smoked two turkeys for our VFW Post Thanksgiving party last weekend I was well versed in the mechanics of adjusting and regulating the heat and smoke with our colder temperatures here at the BPU Compound. Our 16lb family turkey (Pictured right) after an overnight brine bath then slow smoked with Applewood turned out perfect! Picking at it well after dinner while cleaning up I was impressed how the white meat of the breast was still moist and juicy.

I was most thankful for the opportunity to spend another Thanksgiving with my lovely bride and three of my four children. I am also thankful and most grateful that after a nine month 4th deployment to Iraq my Army Sergeant Son was home with his lovely bride and my three grand babies. GOD Is Great!

Most of all, by the time all leftovers where divvied up my refrigerator this year is not overflowing with enough Thanksgiving holiday goodness to last me until Christmas!

Lastly, as the holiday season is officially upon us please keep all of our Men and Women in uniform and their families in your thoughts and prayers. As an Airman and now a father of a Soldier having spent many a holiday away from mine I know first hand how uplifting and comforting that acknowledgment of ones service, separation and sacrifice can be.

‘GOD Bless’

President Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to US troops in Afghanistan – his first time in the country – for the Thanksgiving holiday.

What I Like About You…

Two Things I Like About Commie Congress Cooter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

Two Things I Like About Commie Babe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Southern Pacific ~ Heroes (1985)

Southern Pacific ~ HeroesSouthern Pacific ~ Heroes (1985)

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