Democrat’s Attempt Stealth Pay Raise on a 1 Trillion $$$ Spending Package…

Democrats Push for Pay Raise

Since taking over the House the Democrats led by Nan Palsy have accomplished nothing while Fumble F***ing all over one other racing to be the first in front of CNN and MSNBC television camera to prove they have no proof of Russian interference or Trump collusion.

That being said, I am sure a sh!t load of ‘Do Nothing’ Republicrat’s will be all for this!!!

Bloomberg: House Democrats are moving forward with a plan to give members of Congress their first pay increase in a decade.

The party has scheduled a vote on a $1 trillion spending package next week that includes the annual bill funding congressional operations. The measure leaves out language in effect since 2010 that would prevent lawmakers from receiving an annual cost-of-living increase to the $174,000 base salary for rank-and-file lawmakers.

This week Democrats unveiled a separate Financial Services spending bill that would also allow the increase to go forward.

The issue of pay raises for lawmakers is politically fraught, and any measure is likely to be blocked in the Republican-held Senate. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer acknowledged the opposition but said the freeze on increases made it hard to pay and retain staff…

President Donald Trump Hails D-Day Veteran’s

I was a little busy yesterday beginning with calling BINGO at the VFW so I didn’t get a chance to listen to President Donald Trump’s 75th Anniversary D-Day speech at Normandy until now…

“AWESOME Speech!”

Our WWII Veterans have left us some pretty damn big boots to fill!!!

D-Day 75th Anniversary Shield

Rock an’ Roll Angels

The two more popular songs from the WhiteSnake – ‘Saints & Sinners’ album were, ‘Here I Go Again’ and ‘Crying In The Rain’.

My personal favorite…

WhiteSnake - Saints & Sinners Young Blood
Rough an’ Ready
Bloody Luxury
Victim of Love
Crying in the Rain
Here I Go Again
Love an’ Affection
Rock an’ Roll Angels
Dancing Girls
Saints an’ Sinners
David Coverdale/WhiteSnake – Rock an’ Roll Angels (1982)

Queen Elizabeth Quite Impressed With First Lady Melania Trump

Queen with Melania Trump

BPU-OT, Nature At It’s Finest

Having grown up in Iowa and traveled the world over I can honestly say, I have been witness to some of the most remarkable and breathtaking displays of nature.

And, to think we now have a generation or two who by simply given a trophy for their participation in the great human race truly believe that they/we are the cause and the solution over such majestic might is laughable.


Nature At It's Finest

Nature Can Be Absolutely Breath Taking 😮🤭😲😍

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Grilled Buffalo Wings, ‘It’s What’s for Dinner’

Grilled Buffalo Wings with seasoned roasted potato wedgies for dinner tonight, “Mmm Good!”


grilled buffalo wings

Just In Time For A Gay Pride Parade Near You…

Luxe Lace Shorts for Pussies

From the last paragraph: “The prominence of gender ambiguity in fashion design allows for clothing pieces to be reflective of a generation who wish to challenge traditional notion of masculinity and femininity.”

In other words, If you cannot scream, “I’M GAY” loud enough you can show the world your gayness with these cute and colorful Luxe Lace shorts!

No wonder the young beautiful millennial ladies are having such a hard time finding real men these days!!!

TH: Lace Shorts for men are the newest male fashion statement that are here to compete with the ‘RompHim,’ which kept the internet buzzing earlier this month.

The lacey shorts, which are available in five pastel colors including green, pink, blue, purple and yellow were designed by LA-based fashion brand Hologram City and popularized after they made their debut on US rapper Cazwell’s Instagram feed. The Instagram post, which featured 5 men standing side by side, each wearing a different color of the nearly-naked shorts with a matching lace shirt, received mixed reactions from the internet.

Lace shorts first hit the runway at Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection and would appeal to fashion-forward men who are looking to make a statement. The prominence of gender ambiguity in fashion design allows for clothing pieces to be reflective of a generation who wish to challenge traditional notion of masculinity and femininity.

You Know Things Are Bass-Ackwards When:

Warrior for Christ meme

Who Better To Discuss Cyber Security Than Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton Cyber Defense Summit Keynote Speaker

I am sure Hillary Clinton will be discussing the ‘HOW TO’s’ of setting up a private server in your bathroom, deleting thousands of emails, properly destroying Blackberry devices with hammers and how to completely clean your hard drive and free up disk space with the use of BleachBit.

PJM: On Thursday, the cybersecurity company FireEye announced one of its keynote speakers will be none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former secretary of State infamous for keeping classified information on her home-brew email server.

This is no small snafu. FireEye is a publicly-traded company founded in 2004. FireEye “has been called in to investigate high-profile attacks against Target, JP Morgan Chase, Sony Pictures, Anthem and others.” According to Deloitte, FireEye is the fastest-growing cybersecurity firm.

In a shameless push to get butts in seats, this very prominent cybersecurity firm is hosting Hillary Clinton. When the company announced this on Facebook, at least 1,365 people reacted with a laugh.

Plan Accordingly

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