Wednesday OT, Never Drink and Update

RandallsBPU WordPress Update

That was one hell of an update!

I decided last night while heavily under the influence to go ahead and update the
WordPress platform. Still haven’t figured out if it was the WordPress update or
the beer that caused the crash but, lesson learned…

“Never Drink and Update!”

I do have a complete backup on my portable hard drive and have assisted a few of my fellow bloggers rolling back their WordPress platforms to the previous prior to update versions but think I will just go with this. A big step for this old Air Force Sergeant who at my age doesn’t really like a change in my routine much these days.

Besides, as stale as my cranial cavity has become as of late, a changeup might be just WordPress has ordered to get the ole creative juices flowing again.

Thank you for hanging in there with me during this transition. If you have any suggestions, ideas or things you would like to see on the Barley Pop blog please feel free to email me at

Now, I am going to take a handful of Tylenol and get this day going…

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