Post Mid-Term Hangover Open Thread (11/8/2018)

RandallsBPU Open Thread, What Say You?“A Heartfelt ‘Goood Morning’ To Ya!”

I hope everyone is recovering from your post mid-term election hangovers as we now find ourselves marred in the 50/50 split spin of, “It was a great night for the (Insert your particular political affiliation here), We Won!”

Seems to me that the pollsters are finally getting their act together? After the ass-burn the took calling the 2016 election for HilLIARy Rotten Clinton long before we the people had our say and regardless the talk of a Big Blue Wave, this time they did pretty consistently call the House for the Democrats and the Senate for the Republicans. And, so it did.

Mind you, I drink. That being said If Nancy ‘McHugeGavel’ Pelosi assuming she will indeed be elected the party’s Speaker of the House again allows her Left-Tard minions fully ensconced in the RESIST movement to use their gained power and committee chairmanships to go after President Donald Trump with continued allegations and investigations, I predict right now that PDT will be re-elected in 2020, hands down!

The Democrats have an opportunity right now to put an end to the their endless bullsh!t and get on with the country’s legislative business. From what I am reading around the blogosphere though, the Left-Tards are already hatching plans in an attempt to impeach Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh even before their ass’s have warmed a committee chair.

Reach up and pull the seat belts tight, the next two years looks to be quite the rough ride!

“What Say You?”

Have a great day and remember, one kind gesture given a stranger can make a difference.

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