Proud Papa Alert!

My apologies for the week long sabbatical…

My son and lovely daughter-in-law, their two large dogs and cat who have been residents here at the BPU Compound for the past seven months finally closed on their first home. It was moving week for them and cleaning/re-arranging the ranch here for me.

They lost their rental seven months ago due to a landlord who found it a little difficult to pay his taxes. With such short notice my brood came to live with us in hopes of saving enough to purchase their own castle.

Proud Papa Alert “PROUD Papa Alert here”…

‘They Did It!’

Six of us in a house suitable for two, maybe three along with three dogs and three cats became quite challenging at times but we managed without any major altercations or unnecessary homicides to explain to Law Enforcement officials, “Whew!”

Without divulging to much background my son has been through some pretty tough times in his 28 years, the worst being a battle with drug addiction.

“PROUD Papa Alert here”…

He has been clean now for six years and as his Father, it has been AWESOME to witness his strength and determination turning his life around and rising to the challenges that this big beautiful world and life throws at us.

“Proud of you Mike and Alex”

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