Randall #001

It’s Friday night and I must admit I am a tad sad to see this past week come to an end. My sister and her awesome husband from Kansas City and my brother and his beautiful bride from San Antonio arrived this past Tuesday for a three day visit here at the BPU Compound.

I am blessed and truly grateful for the loving relationship I share with my sister, brother and extended family. Taking the time from their busy schedules to spend a few days together meant a great deal to me and was exactly the welcomed and much needed distraction from my constant somewhat controlled chaos of daily life.

I think am going to need a full and restful weekend so that my sides quit hurting after all the shitz and giggle the past three days. I lay down this afternoon to take a much needed 45 minute nap and racked out for close to two hours!..

“Unheard of!”

Thank you all for such a wonderful time. God Bless, safe travels and all the Big Brother love I have to give.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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