Randalls Rant 11/5/2019 ~ Serenity

If you are one of my 15 loyal worldwide visitors wondering where I have been as of late, “All is once again well here at the BPU Compound”.

After having gone through a bit of a financial dilemma (We were tighter than a Nuns Cooter) for the past 5-6 months, things have finally turned around real nicely. Bills have all been caught up and I have a cushion set aside for much needed home repairs in the spring.

“AND NO..! you will not be seeing me profiled on the ‘LIVE PD’ Most Wanted segments anytime soon.”

As if money issues aren’t worrisome enough, day and night assisted nursing hours for my Son have been stripped away to two day shifts and three nights. Between the county and a nursing agency that can’t staff the hours my Son is allotted while also taking care of my wife who also has physical difficulties (Wheelchair bound) of her own, I am in a constant state of His, Hers and Mine ASS DRAGGING…

On top of all this, two weeks ago, “My Favorite CD Just Got Stuck In the BPU Family Truckster and Will Not EJECT!!!”

For the most part in all of my adult life I have attempted to meet the hard times faced with a positive can do attitude. (As well as my handsomely good looks and humor) It was that attitude while as a young man serving in the U.S. Air Force that became part of my foundation upon which I continue to base my life. Nothing gets accomplished and life’s hard times can never be defeated without the motivation fueled by a positive can do attitude.

I came to realize a few weeks ago that I was losing (Or had forgotten) a little bit of that in me. For some time now I have been feeling like I was on the receiving end of a beat down instead of the one dishing it out. That to me is neither a pleasant feeling nor one that I wish to live by.

Long story short, OUR LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is always talking to you and to me. Sometimes we need to stop and listen. And, every time I stop feeling sorry for myself long enough to listen…

OooH, this morning when I fired up the BPU Family Truckster, “My Favorite Stuck CD Ejected On Its Own!”

Randalls Rant 11/5/2019 ~ Serenity

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