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July 29th, 2017

Randalls Rant and Open Thread – 7/29/2017

Randalls Rant Saturday - 7/29/2017Good Morning Ya-all. After circling the coffee pot like a vulture over a maimed Impala for the past 15 minutes my cup is finally loaded and I once again have a front row seat for another Saturday Summer Sunrise.

On a personal note: as of yesterday the Mrs. Barley Pops is back in the hospital again fighting the never ending infection in her half foot. A constant battle I am unsure how much longer she can fight before the powers that be decide it has go. Your prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated.

How about the Darling of the Democrats John McCain? Pulling himself up off his death bed to make his way back to Washington so he could give one final twist of the knife he so firmly planted in the back of those who truly believed he had intentions of repealing Obamacare. “What A Maverick!” Rumor has it that after John McCains Creaser-esque literal thumbs down vote Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins needed to be rushed from the Senate floor for an immediate change of their wet panties.

Skinny bill, fat bill, bloated or otherwise millions if not billions of $$$$$ were raised in Republicrat campaign funds to REPEAL the damn thing and now it looks like Government Controlled Obamacare is quite possibly here to stay. The parents of the young lad Charlie Gard might have some eye opening insight as to the compassion of government controlled health care you might be interested in?

I do not lack compassion nor do I believe we as a civil society should ever turn our backs on those truly in need of help or a hand up. I just do not believe that the best and most compassionate care will ever come from a bunch of bought and paid for agenda driven liars, cheats and thieves more concerned with making a career in politics rather than doing what is best for the American people or nation as a whole.

The Democrats shoved this mess up our collective asses during a clandestine midnight session with no participation and input from the Republicrats. Now the Republicrats after promising over and over again a full repeal are trying to salvage the Democrats mess with no participation and input from the Democrats. It is like watching the world’s most dysfunctional family trying to decide what to have for breakfast without having to call the police in! And, these are the people so many willingly want to determine, control and administer their health care???

After all, they already have AAA Health Care coverage. The Very best our Tax Payer money can buy.

Bend over and grab your ankles people, they are not done with us yet.

Heeey, the sun is finally up over the horizon and the birds are getting busy. I better get that way myself.

Have yourselves a blessed day and a wonderful weekend.