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July 13th, 2017

Randalls Rant – Mitch McTurtle Thursday Edition

WARNING: Randalls RantFinally, after two days of some severe back pain I am again in the full and upright position this morning. Since my second back surgery in 2005, an L4, L5, S1 spinal fusion with instrumentation the active pain free life style I once knew has become a thing of the past. Anyway, Coffee pot is on overdrive and what little of my sanity I have left is somewhat restored. ‘Goooood Morning!’

Lumbar Fusion L4, L5, S1

It looks more and more like Mitch McTurtle and his Pal Lyin Ryan along with the rest of the Kabuki Theatre Republicrats who Show Voted to repeal Obamacare over 40 times when Baracka Hussein Obama was sitting his Kenyan Butt in the white house be liking themselves some ‘ObamaCare Lite’.

Face it Ya-all, the Republicrats never really had any desire to fully REPEAL Obamacare and it is now here to stay.

For those who take any delight in that, Can you say, ‘Charlie Gard?’

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - Mitch McTurtle

Speaking of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McTurtle, Conservative Review explains how this clown is killing the Republican Party and Freedom in a way that I can even understand it.

Lastly, today’s ‘Hollywood Twit’ award goes to King of Queens Libtard and Einstein, Patton Oswalt. “What a Fricken’ Oswalt!”

Hollywood Libtard Einstein Patton Oswalt