February 28th, 2018

Randalls Rant – Pure Michigan Edition 2.28.2018

Randalls Rant 2.28.2018 - Pure Michigan“WHEW!,” been a couple busy days here at the BPU Compound. Tuesday was spent covering the Bingo Babes at the VFW followed by running my one legged wife around all afternoon to her therapy and other assorted appointments. Just a short while ago my lovely Bride and I returned from our hour and half drive back from U of M (Go Spartans) where my Son had his twice yearly ventilator tune-up and overall wellness check. Had his oil changed and wheelchair tires rotated for the next 3,000 miles.

Speaking of which, I noticed on the way home that the BPU Family Truckster is about 600 miles over its scheduled oil change. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?

I would like to give a big ‘SHOUT OUT’ to the Michigan State legislators. Through your total incompetence and complete unwillingness to pull your thumbs out of your collective asses, Michigan taxpayer’s lives are literally at risk driving around, in, out and over the craters that have replaced our roads. It is so bad that AAA is inundated with calls from Michigan rolling patching crews stranded with flat tires and bent wheels. Dentist’s offices have seen a spike in people walking in needing fillings replaced! And, what really pissed me off is just as I was tipping my drink I hit an effin’ pothole. “Spilled my beer all over my damn self”!!!

Way to responsibly spend our money you imbecile’s!!!

“And, I am normally such a Sweetheart too!”

Hope everyone is having a very happy hump day and ready to kick the last of this week in the ass. I need a beer, “Cheers”

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