Randalls Rant ~ Sunrise and Hope Edition

Randalls Rant - Sunrise and Hope Edition

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope”.
– Bernard Williams –

I knew of the deadly El Paso Walmart shooting last night before I went to bed. Facts, figures and motives at that time were still somewhat sketchy so other than the horrific event itself I had no details.

Sitting here on the BPU Patio this morning enjoying a beautiful sunrise and my first cup of coffee I learned of the second shooting at a bar in Dayton, Ohio lesss than 24 hours since El Paso.

At this time it is being reported that 20 were murdered in El Paso and 9 in Dayton, Ohio.

Although many already this early morning are discouraging thoughts and prayers in favor of more drastic measures I of course give my thoughts and my prayers this day to the all families who lost loved ones and or, who are standing at the bedside of the over 30 injured from this senselessness.

A few thoughts I would hope we keep in mind:

Regardless the current divisiveness we are still a strong country of caring people. That doesn’t mean we do not have bad amongst us. It is our strength and love for our fellow human beings that those with evil in their hearts and full of hate attempt to destroy when committing such terrible deeds.

Simply banning something doesn’t fix the underlying problem. Stripping away the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens both incrementally or in mass because of the actions of a few cannot and will not prevent evil from happening.

Because we are a strong loving nationwide community we will continue to gather. We come together be it in celebration, in sorrow or just because we want, need and can. To think that disarming a country of law abiding citizens will put an end to the atrocities of the past 24 hours is short minded and shows absolutely no thoughtful willingness or serious attempt to address a real problem.

I am not going to sit here this morning and blow smoke up anyone’s butt pretending I know exactly what the problem is. Personally, I think the problem is related to a bunch of small things over the past few generations that have metastasized into what we are witnessing today.

Generations now have been conditioned to accept abnormal behaviors as normal. That laws written and to be followed no longer apply. And, living one’s life through faith is an act of close minded radical racism.

Part of the problem?,. ‘Could Be!’

Bigger problem yet, we now have political elites and their propaganda mills in the media and blogosphere who continue to keep their bigoted anti-American rhetoric at a full rolling boil.

In this current world of instant information good or bad, the already confused, misdirected and week minded hang on every word spoken, written and repeated.

It is almost like these already unstable loons are being incentivized by agenda driven elected leaders and their willing sheeple to act out.

‘Dark times my Friends’…

It is always darkest just before sunrise. With every sunrise comes new hope.

Have a Blessed day All…

2 comments to Randalls Rant ~ Sunrise and Hope Edition

  • Dave Brickner

    The only thing that will stop this madness is Deterrence! For the libs who blame the gun that means that America should return the practice of a trial and quick death penalty! Our “too sensitive” society should be able to see public executions of these monsters who are caught alive. Broadcast PUBLIC hangings on CNN and maybe the slow death may show some maniac that it ISN’T a glamorous way to die!
    That’s Deterrence!

  • Semper V

    I think you are pretty damn close to the truth Randall. Generations of de-sensitized unloving children now adults. Soon to be if not already in positions of authority and power. Kind of like the HIPPIE Generation all grown up and now filling seats in our congress.

    May you enjoy tomorrows Sunrise

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